Why It’s Good To Have An IP Phone System

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Having a a phone system in the office allows you to handle all phone calls coming from your customers. This is much better than having one phone and answering the phone calls yourself. When answering the phone yourself, you often have to put a customer on hold while you finish talking to another customer over the phone. More often than not, the customer who is put on hold gets tired of waiting; he or she eventually puts down the phone. As a result, he or she calls up another business establishment. This is certainly a big loss for you. Who knows? The customer who just hung up could be very interested in your products or services and intends to place a big order.

It is for this reason why many business establishments nowadays find it necessary to have a business phone system. With phones connected to one another, businessmen and their assistants are able to attend to all phone calls going through their main phone line. This results in increase in sales and more profits for a company or business.

IP phone

However, many business establishments do not just use any phone system. Many of them now use IP phone systems. What exactly are the advantages of using this kind of phone system?

You Save a Lot of Money on Your Phone Bill

When you have an IP phone system, you do not need a separate phone line for your computer network. Your computer network and digital phone system can share a single line. Instead of you paying separately for your phone service and Internet service, you just pay for one phone subscription.

An IP telephone system uses packet-switched Voice over IP (VoIP), or Internet telephony, to transmit telephone calls over the Internet.This allows you to make phone calls over the Internet which cost cheaper than the phone calls you make which are supported by phone networks. With VoIP phone calls, you can talk as much as you want and for as long as you want. You do not have to worry about being charged for every minute you spend talking over the phone. You can even make phone calls to those who live in faraway places without being charged for it. Being able to make phone calls to customers who live in faraway places allows you to increase the number of customers you already have. Remember-the more customers you have, the bigger will be the sales of products or services that your company sells or produces.

You Get to Use Your Computers While Talking to a Customer on the Phone

More often than not, customers calling over the phone seek for some pieces of information. This information may pertain to a customer’s accounts with your business office or to a new line of products or services that your company offers. In a company with an ordinary phone system, the assistant usually has to put the customer on hold as he or she searches in the computer for the information being asked for by the customer. But when you have an IP based phone system, you can keep on talking to the customer as you look at the information displayed on the screen of your computer. This is possible because your computer network and phone network share a single phone line.

Because of these benefits that one can get from using an IP phone system, many businessmen continue to prefer the IP phone system over digital and analog systems. That’s because they are able to handle calls better and efficiently which results in bigger profits from the sales of their products and services.


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