Consider This When Choosing Your Next Mobile Contract

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Are you an internet junkie or a text freak? Do you love your Beats by Dre or are you more of a photographer? Phones can’t be all things to all people and that’s why it’s important to make the decision right the first time rather than choosing the handset with the best marketing campaign. Make the wrong decision and it’s two years of contract before you can make a change to the handset that cost just a little more or even a little less than your brick. Use these tips to get it right first time.

Consider This When Choosing Your Next Mobile Contract

Make a List of What’s Important to You

Getting the right deal often means different things to different people. I can survive with a hundred texts per month, but I eat data like it’s battery power. That doesn’t mean I should automatically choose the deal because it has unlimited data because the last mobile carrier I was with allowed me to add a booster to my contract that cost £4.99 and I could use all the data I needed. Even when it said I had gone over my fair usage, it allowed me to use my email and Facebook etc.

Use a Phone Comparison Site

The best mobile phone comparison sites have great deals and they even split some of their commission with you by giving you free gifts with your contract. That could either be a free electrical gadget or it could be a cash back deal, but whatever your bonus, remember to assess the value of your contract without the free gift. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy the gift separately even if you need to buy it with credit.

Keep Your Existing Number of Have a New One

You can keep your number with any provider these days. All you need to do is ask your current provider for a port authorization code or a PAC code. You will not be able to get this if you are still contracted to the original carrier unless you decide to pay up the rest of your contract before leaving. You will often have new SIM card that is locked to your new provider and your new provider will update the SIM with your information. This does mean you will need to find a way to transfer all your personal information without relying on the SIM card to act as a memory card. It’s not such a hard thing to do these days because transferring data between phones is almost second nature.

Think About Upgrading

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence so consider the good points of your existing network provider before you jump ship. Are you sure you will get a good signal in your home and at work of are those the reasons you are leaving in the first place? If you do want to leave because you can’t get a signal then you may not need to wait for the end of your contract because they are not providing the service you pay for. Whatever you decide, make sure you compare phone contracts with a reputable site before you decide to move.

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Peter Fenwick is an Android evangelist despises all things Apple. He always recommends checking alternative offers before renewing contracts.


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