Increase Your Visibility on Internet through Video Marketing

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Communication tools such as blogs, websites, Facebook pages and newsletters are nothing without content (texts, images, videos and links). Without content, these are just empty shells. Content is actually the bloodline of SEO. This is exactly why people in the field of SEO, consider content to be the king of everything. Through original and creative content, you can generate thousands of new users for your site within no time at all. All that you require are a few writers, who have got expertise in SEO writing. However, content is a broad term and doesn’t simply refer to blogs, articles or long paragraphs of text only. Another very effective form of content includes interactive and promotional videos. This is because, people like images and graphics, much more than the regular paragraphs of text. Also human memory remembers information more, when it’s displayed through images and graphics.

vedio marketing

However, this is not just the reason, why videos have become a popular marketing medium today. In fact the several reasons that contribute to its popularity are as follow:

  • YouTube has emerged as the second largest search engine on the globe
  • Videos get shared on blogs and social networks, creating a strong backlink chain
  • 85-90% of time spent on the Internet will be spent on Video search engines by 2015
  • YouTube on cell phones get more than 400 million hits per day
  • Videos  (provided they are well optimized), are referenced in search engines
  • A Video can convey emotions
  • Video can serve as commercial support for research funding for small business firms

How PosiRank can help you?

PosiRank has got the most dynamic and creative team for the creation and successful marketing of the created videos. Through our creative video creation services, we help turn different ideas related to your own or your client’s business, into interactive and unique videos, thus helping you on your way to traffic generation through their effective marketing on the internet.

In short, it is a very powerful but underused tool for businesses. Doing it yourself, you might have to buy all the necessary equipment, but if you choose to hire a professional service such as ours, you would not just get help in the video creation process, but can also get it marketed in the most professional way, which is actually the main reason behind its creation in the first place.

In other words, you can say that once the video is made, the real challenge begins! How to make your users know about the video? How to get it circulated? These are the questions that are answered and handled well by our marketing experts through their exclusively designed marketing services.

There are three fundamentals:

  • We understand the dynamics of Internet sharing (If your content is not relevant and high quality, it will never be shared)
  • Optimization of the video on any platform requires an accurate and optimized title, a useful and informative description and last but not least relevant tags.
  • We put in place a mechanism for effective dissemination of your videos

The videos are created only after a thorough consultation with you at the start of the project to make sure, what you want to present through them (if they are intended to inform, educate or entertain your viewers). We then base our strategy on your requirements to come as close as, we can to your target audience. Hence we at try to capture all the potential users, through our videos. Furthermore, we use descriptions with keywords, to increase their possibility of coming higher in search results.

Overall, YouTube can be efficiently used as a working tool (extremely effective), no matter what the size of your business is. We can use it to show your business capacity, share relevant knowledge, market your products and communicate with customers, colleagues and prospectors. So create your account on PosiRank now, to order our video creation services as a part of your SEO campaign.

Isaac James is an expert in communications and media. He has successfully developed many marketing strategies including videos and infographics for a lot of companies in the past. Currently he is working as a consultant with


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