Best iPhone Calendar Applications

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Keeping up with your schedule has been made so much easier with technology; with a press of a button you can check your schedule and set an alarm to remind you. The iPhone is so much more than a phone, just by downloading an app you can add another use to your phone. You can now carry your organiser around in your pocket. There is a variety of calendar apps available so you need to be sure to choose one that is suited to your needs. The following article lists the top three calendar applications.


Week Cal

The Week Cal calendar app packs in a lot of features and looks like a real calendar. It gives you an intuitive way to view and update your appointments. It offers many different views for events and tasks, you can view your full week, day, agenda, month and year of events in one quick look. It’s easy to use and that explains its popularity. You can scan the events of your day quickly even in year view, you only have to tap a date. All you have to do to organise events is use touch and flick. The app copies your home screen style of changing around apps and applies it to moving events around. All you need to do is tap and hold and then drag, very simple. It’s similar to iCal and Google Calendar except this one is designed for apple products. It’s minimal but still has the right amount of features, the features that you need. You can also customize your calendar with different templates, colour code certain events and recurrence.

Organiser for iPhone

This app is a little more expensive compared to its competitors. It works like a traditional organizer; you can enter events, you can insert photos or maps, to do list, insert voice memos, create diagrams and draw handwritten text just like you would in a paper organizer. This calendar has a full organiser. You can pin locations on maps and sync with Google Calendar. This app is more flexible than the other options; this flexible format may be more appropriate option for you. You can manage your daily schedule and record notes in your diary.

Agenda Calendar

This app has brought the best of the old desktop calendar to the iPhone and iPad. It has been labelled in the Macworld “apple gem”. It’s the Apple community’s calendar app store favourite. This is the perfect app for people who enjoy a minimalist aesthetic. Just because it has a minimal design does not mean that it fails in competition with other options. Its simple allows you navigate around all your events and online invitations with zero hassle. This calendar app is not feature-rich but will still do the job. If all you need is a calendar this app will provide you with everything you need with a simple interface. It’s serviceable and nice to look at.

Written by Jasmine Poole


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