A Manifestation of the Immense Power of Technology

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The Bifurcation Of Technology As We Know It

No other conception in the current world order is as bifurcated as that of technology. As your children divulge into the marvels of technology that they own such as Ipads, laptops and gaming items, soldiers across the markers of your country’s borders also use varying products of the same conception, technology, to engage in skirmishes with the soldiers of the neighboring country. As you rely on the miracles of technology for the treatment of your family member’s horrendous disease, scientists and physicians engage in processes to produce disastrous nuclear outcomes. As you rest on the couch placed in your lounge at this very moment scrolling down the browser of your Smartphone, a hacker sits in another location, aiming to disrupt the same software that millions of people across the world including you use in their phones. Yes, that is how bifurcated technology is, and even this bifurcation is a manifestation of its power. For this bifurcation essentially means that technology produces marvels on both ends. So essentially, there are both win-win and win-lose equations in this sphere.



A Look At A Win-Win Situation

Medicine is believed to be one of the biggest marvels of technology, and indeed rightly so. May I ask you, what precisely comes to your mind when you think of technology as a marvel? Cancer treatment? Yes. The power of radiation? Yes. The might of amputation? Indeed, yes. However, a focus on such mammoth procedures leads one to miss the point here, resulting in a mere misconception – the role of technology does not lie merely within complex medical processes, but is instead everywhere. Let us look at disabled people for instance. In the past, these unfortunate souls would be merely equipped with a wheelchair and then left with their own affairs. Today however, the story is a different one. Say hello to a new kind of technology, precisely cushion technology. The prime focus of this branch of technology is to specialize in the production of custom outdoor cushions for wheelchairs that can reduce side impacts by a considerable amount, thus offering a more comfortable living to disabled people than ever before. Interestingly enough, these cushions are customized in such a pattern so as to allow them to mould themselves according to the shape and posture of their users, offering much needed physical support and comfort to the disabled.

Cushion technology hence represents a new pinnacle for the arena of technology, offering innovation in a field that is different and not as mainstream as the one we are accustomed to hearing about. So yes, returning to the original argument, technology is indeed bifurcated, with both win win and win lose situations. Cushion technology is a situation that is a win win from every dimension, and hence truly an aplaudable one within the scope of technological advancements.


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