$99 iPhone from Apple!

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The mobile device maker giant Apple has taken their innovative power to the peak. Since iPhone devices are not exactly very costly so the giant has taken steps to make the new iPhone that will have all the goodness of the iPhone operating system, but it will be in a much more affordable price and shape.



The new iPhone will have the same features as the previous phones. However there are some things that will surely go missing. This phone is expected to be excluded of all the other additional and less necessary apps and facilities. But the device will still be able to fulfill the dream of the users of that particular price range.


In keeping with the tradition, the iPhone which is going to come for $99 will surely have the bigger glass screen (don’t they all!). The screen will be in two sizes one is in smaller. That will be about 4.7 inches and the bigger one has a much larger size. It has a size of 5.7 inches! This is bigger than any other iPhone in the market. Probably the iPhone is trying to compete with phones that have bigger screens. Several phones have the screens that go near 6 inches. The Apple iPhone has newly arrived in this arena. Although, we can not say that the screen will have the quality of the previous and more costly iPhone devices. The display will not be very good and the glass will definitely not be the gorilla.


The camera will probably be near 5MP if not worse. But people do not expect less from the apple so the camera would presumably have 5 mega pixel resolutions. It will not be any kind of special class like Carl Zeiss or high quality. But the camera will work with the low lighting areas. That is probably that they want to trump the Nokia Lumia phones, which has an excellent low light photography feature.

Market Situation

This device is already the talk of the industry. The iPhone has such low price because the carriers will subsidize the price like the apple iPhone 4S. This low price will surely affect the low price market of the Nokia. The apple is thinking to take the market away from the Nokia. If the device comes to the south Asia, it will deal a great blow on Nokia’s market. However, this device is not expected to come until 2014.

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