Why Going Flexi Could Work For You And Your Employees

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Whilse new and better technologies improve efficiency, they can also affect our work/life balance. With smartphones giving us constant access to work emails, and cloud software allowing people worldwide to work on a company’s IT system, it can be hard to ‘switch off’ from work mode. However this technology can also be utilised to help us break free from the tradition of the 9 to 5 day. Flexible work days, whether that means flexi hours or remote work, can have a positive affect on employees and employers. Here are some of the benefits you may see after implementing flexible working days in your business strategy.

  • More trust :  Although some more innovative companies have been utilising flexible work days for a while, it is still not widely accepted. While it makes sense for some roles to remain on-site in the office, why not encourage a more independent approach for those with more flexible roles? Trusting staff to manage their own time can make them feel valued and appreciated. A more flexible approach which promotes a sense of trust within the office could bring about some great results to your company.
  • Increased productivity : Employees who feel appreciated for the good work they carry out remotely are also likely to push his or her limits to achieve better results. You may be concerned that the trust you instill in staff will be exploited and that remote working could be treated as additional holiday time. While this is possible and may be true in some cases, it is also fair to say that many members of staff thrive on this kind of flexibility. Given the right sense of a work—life balance, many employees are happier in their jobs, more loyal to their employers, more driven to succeed.
  • Relaxed workers : With a more flexible schedule, employees will find it a lot easier to fit their social life around a day’s work. This means staff will be able to spend more time with their families and friends doing the things that make them happy. Ensuring when they return to work, they are well rested and focused during the working day.

Why Going Flexi Could Work For You And Your Employees

  • Reduced staff turnover : It’s a no-brainer, satisfied employees are less likely to leave a company. By offering them the chance to work flexible hours, escaping the stress and routine of the 9-5 timetable, members of staff will find themselves performing their duties to a higher standard. As mentioned above, flexibility is a great way to nurture employees and make them more likely to promote company loyalty. This means that the time and money you invest in training and developing them is not wasted and you don’t have to watch them walking out the door to join a competitor.
  • Becoming a sought-after company : With a 9 to 5 work schedule still the typical schedule for job roles, you may find that people currently employed elsewhere will want to work for you when they see that your offer the perks of flexible working hours. This offers your company a chance to attract valuable and experienced individuals who increase the prestige and productivity of your company, and help boost profits.
  • Better for the environment too : With companies striving to reduce their environmental impact, flexible hours and more employees working from home means your company can help reduce road congestion and CO2 emissions caused by commuters. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint can also help cut down on costs and your office may well see a reduction in energy bills.

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