10 Reasons Why Beginner Coders Love Website Builders

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A website can be compared to a brochure or business card, yet in actuality, it is substantially more than that. As a service provider or even an individual, a website is your ticket to bigger and better opportunities. Other factors that make them a must-have include:

Accessibility – With over a million internet users all over the planet, it doesn’t matter if your physical location is at a small corner in an alley because a website puts you on the map. Additionally, a website exposes you to not just local opportunities but international opportunities as well.

10 Reasons Why Beginner Coders Love Website Builders

Cheap Advertising – The internet is the largest and least expensive place to promote your business. One of the most popular strategies used in advertising is social media. Using social media to drive traffic to your website could expand your client base tremendously and more clients equals more money.

Credibility – Sales made on the internet are based entirely on trust and access to information and reliability goes a long way in establishing credibility for any online business. Clients are more inclined to purchase a product after reviewing testimonials from other customers.

Here’s another fun fact, you can set up a fully functional website in a matter of minutes! What’s more, you need not have any prior knowledge of programming to be able to set one up. All you need is a website builder. A website builder is a content management system that gives users the ability to create an easily customizable website. We have found this to be a favorite for beginner coders and here are 10 reasons why.


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