What would be the Next Innovative Introduction from Apple?

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The year 2012 has been not so pleasant year for the Apple, which faced certain fiscal cliff issues because of the year-end tax selling along with other share of reasons. There is a broad belief that there is a scarcity of innovative inventions in the company in recent times, but the reason for the Apple’s hurt is in fact a completely different story. The Apple Company has taken a long break for 6 months in order to refresh their products with some marvelous changes but this has ended up in their enemy companies like Samsung and Google to steal Apple’s share in the technological market. Though they try to introduce a map application with “misdirection” was disappointing and still was not able to win back those lost hearts to their rivals. Tom Cook the CEO of the Apple Company apologized regarding this issue publicly.

Now Apple is in a desperate situation where they have to prove their excellence in order to win back their territory with triumph. The company is working really hard to become a highly deserved gadget promoters and there is a debate about the company’s market status. And the investors are pondering what would be the next step to be taken with such a market condition. Apple says it has a serious answer for the quest of the investors and customers. However it is a naked truth that the Apple to rise in a forward trend as an excellent source of powerful technological product, the producers need to concentrate to produce their products in the repetition form of iPhone – probably the iPhone 6 gadget wonder.

Maybe you disapprove my notion but still the phone is wonderfully being a favorite piece of tech product that is selling in a fantastic manner. But it is essential that you understand the basic factor that there has been a significant changes made in the 4 S phone to iPhone 5 such as a larger screen and more efficient chip software that offers excellent performance more than these current version list of introductions. But the Company is not ready to follow their competitor’s version to survive in the market by attracting the crowd with its new innovative iteration. Especially because of the unpleasant margin that is declining in a shocking way. People are wondering what would be the next option after the ultimate lead of maybe the iPhone 10.  Instead of thinking about this situation Apple need to focus on its ambitions of TV inclusive of a “like” button as in the Facebook web page.

It would be better option for the company to start focusing on methods to rule over the markets of smart car and smarthome products, especially with the other companies such as the Pandora and Sirius XM etc. With the glorious entrance of the Amazon and Research In Motion’s resurgence the smartphone market has been flooded with interesting introductions. And as we all know the company was sharing their thoughts about the wearable technology for quite some time and therefore it is the perfect time for new introduction to be made in the line with iWear or iWatch considerably. Even the Google Company was showing its interest in this particular issue in recent times and thus Apple can be satisfied with this line as an answer for their query about the next. And hope this factor would put an end to the unpleasant queries and doubts about this marvelous company’s innovative ideas.


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