What Are the Elements of Flexible Unified Architecture?

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Untitled Every organisation needs a pre-validated database configuration with all the necessary server and networking components needed for deploying a multi-database connection. The joint association of Cisco and NetApp has provided businesses an efficient data centre solution that can easily accommodate the diverse requirements of all kinds of organisations.

You can effortlessly enhance the growth of your organisation by using FlexPod since it can fulfil every need of your clients and customers thanks to its easy applications. The scalability and flexibility offered by this data centre platform have made it highly popular on the market.

Different Elements of a Data Centre Platform

Here, we will discuss various elements of flexible unified architecture. Since it has such a flexible configuration, customers can easily create an infrastructure with quality technologies from leaders of the market like NetApp and Cisco.

  • Unified Computing System by Cisco:
  • The unified computingsystem of Cisco is a creative data centre platform that combines storage access, networking, computing, and virtualisation into a single unit, and aids in the enhancement of business agility as well. The system incorporates a unified network fabric with architecture servers that work as a scalable platform where all resources participate in unison. UCS deployment of Cisco contains blade server chassis, fabric Interconnects, rack mount servers, blades, and adapter connectivity.

  • Cisco Series Switches:
  • This series of switches by Cisco is a network foundation of data centre deployment that allows transportation over storage traffic and Ethernet. Cisco series switches are beneficial for transforming your data centre into a multi-protocol, Ethernet-based fabric. They are manufactured according to the newest data centres and can support any server. Cisco switches provide simplicity to the infrastructure, flexibility to support various requirements, and agility for easy migration. They also improve organisational resilience and can simply use prevailing domains and models for easy deployment. High port density, wire speed performance, and low latency make these switches a great component capable of meeting the requirements of any business.

  • NetApp Storage Infrastructure:
  • The performance and availability of the storage infrastructure is highly important in a shared organisation. This is mainly because storage issues can affect numerous users, thereby decreasing their work efficiency. Every data centre should have a storage infrastructure that can provide efficient availability and performance. Unified storage architecture by NetApp offers a scalable storage area to every organisation. You can use all the primary and secondary storage areas on a single, combined platform to make your storage secure and simple.

Flash Cache by NetApp assists in the reduction of virtual desktop activities. The de-duplication feature provides extra space for primary storage by eliminating redundant copies of files after confirming that each virtual machine carries an identical copy of the applications. Data management software and combined storage platforms minimise the complication of data ownership and make it easy for organisations to adjust according to their diverse business needs without any disruption. With a single set of software and applications, even the most complex data management tasks become easy.


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