Validated and Standardized IT Support System With Flexpod Systems

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The most important aspect in digital technology infrastructure is the use and validation of proficient data storage. The tech industry has evolved full throat in the last few decades. At its advent, it formulated the data structure process from file to digital pieces conserved in hard disk drives and system integrated storages. Then come, the web world, which made it possible to have a wired networking communication for the transition of data between two different locations. Recently the data storage and networking structure has taken the form of cloud storage, which has made it possible for all large and structured data formulation and networking needs unite for more precise solutions.

Validated and Standardized IT Support System With Flexpod Systems

Benefits of Cloud Storage:

  • Feasibility of large data storage
  • Keeps the dynamic data transition for web sites and other digital storage precise and continual for businesses
  • Firewalls and data encryption methods for prevention of data loss and reliability of comprehensive security
  • Provides the best networking medium for different IT needs of businesses

Cloud data storage consists of various components, such as host server, networking components and storage location, which combines together to form an integrated infrastructure mound. It can consist of different IT support infrastructural parts and merge together to form a single data storage vending location. There are various data center server architectures provided by IT support technology giants, which provide embedded data storage and networking solution. Cisco is one such IT service component provider that provides a dedicated and configured Flexpod cloud storage system.

What is Flexpod

  • Flexpod is a cloud computing centric, integrated server architecture that is integrated with storage resources, networking and consolidated server components.
  • This system is built with incorporation of Cisco unified computing system, Nexus switches for data center, NetApp storage mechanism and other third-party applications and software.
  • This data center location hosts different IT infrastructural software and various business applications in a virtual setting.
  • The structured server architecture, i.e. Flexpod Data Center is a tested, configured and validated standard embed system using the Cisco Validated Design methodology. The most comprehensive benefit it encompasses is the optimization feature of different applications depending on the workload environment. The Flexpod systems are validated transversely on various operating systems, such as Red Hat, Microsoft, and VMware and are integrated with hypervisors.

Use and Benefit of Flexpod Architecture System:

  • The Cisco NetApp Flex pod system offers a co-operated cloud model, via which tech experts can process a scalable, flexible and strong IT support model for streamlining the shared networking and data storage infrastructures of Flexpod converged communication platform.
  • Different technical support expertise, resources and managed system supports of Cisco and NetApp helps the Flex pod to quickly analyze and resolve businesses’ IT cloud computing issues.
  • The validation standard of Flexpod helps businesses increase their IT efficiency to high level with reduction of IT operational risk and expenditure, and speeds up operation of business applications.
  • Flexpod system has been integrated by various IT biggies to deploy their virtual desktops, SAAS (Software as a Service) infrastructure module for their responsive platform needs pertaining to enterprise applications.

Business partners and customers availing Flex pod systems for their IT support needs can also acquire the developer’s (Cisco and NetApp) state of the art tech expert support for their deployment needs throughout the globe.


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