Using A Keylogger For Divorce: Is It Legal?

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You have recently filed for a divorce and you are hoping that it will be granted to you. However, you feel that you don’t have sufficient evidence that will help you prove to the court that you and your partner should not continue with your marriage. Well, you can always hire a private investigator to gather more information about the other party’s neglect of his or her responsibility as your spouse. But then, it will cost you money; it may add to all the inconveniences you have been experiencing. You can also employ other means to monitor your spouse’ daily activities such as using a keylogger.

Since the use of keylogger is something you have been considering, you may be wondering what a keylogger is and can you use it during a divorce. In case you haven’t heard or used a keylogger before, it can be a device or software that records the keys that are pressed on the keyboard of your computer. Through it, you can gather information about communications made by your partner through emails and other Internet platforms.

Software-based keyloggers are like your regular spyware. They work with a computer’s operating system. Since they made from computer codes, you can use them remotely. The catch with using them is that anti-spyware and even anti-virus programs can detect and disable them.

Hardware-based keyloggers, on the other hand, are more powerful since they have better keystroke recording capabilities than their software counterparts. There are two disadvantages that come with using these types of keyloggers. First, you will need to have physical access to it in order to decode keyboard strokes that have been recorded; you can’t access them remotely. Second, a hardware expert may be able to detect the key-logging device and disable it.

Now that you know how a keylogger can help you in getting a divorce, you are probably asking whether using it is legal or not. Here is something you should know. Installing stuff on your own computer is not illegal. You can install all types of spyware and other surveillance equipment as long as you install them on things that you own. According to most state laws, you are free to use a keylogger on a computer as long as you own it. It doesn’t matter if it is a computer that is solely owned by you or owned by both you and your spouse; you are free to use a keylogger. Now, if you have used it in a computer or any smart device that’s owned solely by your partner then you may have problems.

It is good to take note that the use of keylogger may help you get access to your spouse’s online accounts. However, you should not attempt to access any of these accounts. Doing so would mean invading someone’s privacy and your spouse might use it against you.

If you have already filed for divorce, you may have already presented all the supporting evidence that you already have. The court allows anyone who has filed for any case to submit additional evidence as long as they are valid and not submitted for malicious intentions. But before you present any additional evidence to the court, it is best to consult with your lawyer so he can come up with a good way to go about it.

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