Useful Resources For Data-miners and Data-Scientists

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Here are some useful blogs and websites for Data-miners and Statisticians. :

This blog belongs to Edwin Chin. He is a former Mathematician and Linguist from MIT. Edwin explains and gives a lot of examples on great and relevant topics, such as how to optimize Twitter’s search engine and trends to drive sales on the appropriate products or services. His explanation processes are usually very clear and simple, and it includes diagrams to better explain the concepts. :

John Langford is a Machine Learning Scientist that has a double degree in Physics and Computer Science from The California Institute of Technology. He possesses a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. He is one of the founding members of Microsoft Research New York and he has been affiliated with Yahoo! Research, Toyota Technological Institute and IBM’s Watson Research Center.  With a great portfolio like John’s, his blog is a great feed to keep up with.

Useful Resources For Data-miners and Data-Scientists :

Simply Statistics is a blog owned and operated by three biostatistics professors. Simply Statistics aims to share useful links and information for upcoming statisticians in the simplest format possible. They provide courses, links to YouTube videos and editor’s picks to provide examples which make machine learning easier. :

FastML, short for “Fast Machine Learning”, is a blog which aims to make machine learning easier by simplifying topics that one would usually need higher learning for. The blog is run by Zygmunt Zajac, a programmer and marketer from Poland. Zygmunt was originally educated in economics, but decided to pick up programming as his occupation. :

This blog titled “Statistic Modeling, Causal Interference, and Social Science”, is authored by Andrew Gelman, Phillip Price, Bob Carpenter and Aleks Jakulin. It provides information and topics on Data Analysis and Statistics. A great feature is that it has a page that recommends some books for further learning. :

Walking randomly aims to make the learning curve of Data Analysis fun. The author is an Application Supports Specialist at The University of Manchester in the UK. He also runs a service that reviews and optimizes code to make it faster. :

Normal Deviate is a standard & plain blog that gets straight to the point. It is run by Larry Wasserman, a professor in the department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. :

This blog is known for demonstrating how existing datasets were created. It is a good blog to analyze an existing model’s structure and sort of reverse the process hypothetically to learn what was done. Tutorials, interviews and features make this blog seem like more of an online magazine than a blog. :

A regular meeting spot for the “R” language used by statisticians for data analysis. It is the perfect blog community for bloggers and statisticians interested in R tutorials and up to date news make this a strong community for an R newbie or an advanced statistician.

Data Science Central :

Here is a hub for Big Data specialists and students. It includes tech support, job opportunities and information to assist Data miners.

  • The webpage  can be found by clicking on the “analytic” link on the Data Science Central page. Analytic Bridge is a hub for intelligence, mining, modeling and research.
  • Clicking “Big Data News” on the Data Science Central page will bring up : Look no further than to assist in your research and process of large and complex data sets. As the name of the website says, it is a news hub for everything “Big Data”. You are able to register to become a member to receive news updates in their e-mail. This large website provides news, Big Data event schedules and videos embedded in the homepage. :

KD Nuggets provides Data Scientists’ software, job opportunities, news, consulting and other great stuff. Data Miners can subscribe to a free bi-newsweekly letter on the website which can be helpful. :

Gap-Minder is a non-profit organization ran by The United Nations to provide information on the current applicable statistics in the world. Trends can be followed and taken advantage of with this website. There is useful software called Gap Minder World Offline that allows you to analyze trends even when the user is offline.

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