The Ways Google Has Made Life Easier

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Google has made a difference in the lives of many by constantly working on projects that aim to improve how people use, share and handle information – especially those that are found on the internet.  If truth be told, there is an innumerable range of Google creations that have significantly made our lives easier.  Here are some of them.

1. Gmail

The Ways Google Has Made Life Easier

Email is an essential tool for communication. Some may perceive that it’s a dying avenue for communication but the number of email users to date seem to challenge that perception.  More than just for personal and commercial use, email is also utilized in the corporate industry.  While there is the advent in the use of instant messaging and intranet in the corporate scene, it is still the use of the email that prevails.  Google has joined the bandwagon by introducing Google Mail, or Gmail in 2004.

2. Gtalk

The Ways Google Has Made Life Easier

Gtalk is an addition to the wide range of instant messaging platforms made available today.  It functions the way other IM’s do.  You can use Gtalk to send instant messages, make and receive calls and join video conferences as well as send files.  It also offers an option where the user can post a status message indicating what the user is doing or what they are currently preoccupied about.

Because Gtalk is a Google product, it can be integrated into your Gmail account  and vice versa.  If you want to chat with somebody within your Google network, you can do so by logging on to your Gmail account.  But first, you have to change the settings in your Gmail account to allow you to send and receive instant messages.  Likewise, your Gmail account is also integrated into your Gtalk account.  Once you have a Gmail account, you can already use that account to log in to Gtalk.

3. Google Maps

The Ways Google Has Made Life Easier

There are some people who are clueless when it comes to directions.  Through Google Map, it becomes easier to figure out where you are going and what route you have to take as you go to an unfamiliar place.  Google maps can also provide landmarks so you won’t get lost.  Basically, Google Map is a virtual map that you can zoom in and out to suit your visual preference.  If you are travelling by car and you want to take a shortcut, the use of Google Map make it easier for you to look for a different, more convenient route.

4. Google Health

The Ways Google Has Made Life Easier

It is difficult enough to deal with health issues, especially if you are diagnosed with chronic disorders.  In such cases, it is important that you are organizing your medical files well so that the next time you decide to change your doctor, you will not experience difficulties which may cause a blunder or two in your complicated medical records.  In this regard, what Google has done through Google Health is to help you synchronize and update your medical records so that you get to keep all your medical files in one database.  On the other hand, your doctor will also benefit from Google Health because there is no more need to keep tons of printed medical files, which may get lost in time.

5. Google Calendar

The Ways Google Has Made Life Easier

Another Google tool that has provided convenience to Google users is Google calendar.  Through this virtual calendar, you can arrange your schedule and keep track of your appointments better.  More importantly, Google calendar also offers an option where the user can share folders.  By sharing your folder with your associates, it would be easier to check if there are conflicting schedules at the targeted date and time that you and your colleagues are eyeing for a large-scale event.


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