The Top 5 Green Apps for your BlackBerry

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It will come as no surprise to seasoned app buyers that there’s now a multitude of apps that can help you save the environment, or at least help you reduce your impact on it. Here, we take a look at five of the best for BlackBerry, all available in Singapore through BlackBerry World

SG Buses (Free)

Unless you have endless patience and are planning to walk everywhere (in which case skip to the next entry), public transport is likely going to be a key part of any serious attempt to live more sustainably. SG Buses should therefore be high on your download list, offering bus routes and arrival times for all Singapore buses in a slick, well-designed app.

Walk-O-Meter (S$2.50)

Fully optimised for the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, Walk-O-Meter is a great app for the walker or jogger in your life, and its functionality may even encourage you to walk more, helping to save the planet. The app works as both a precision pedometer and a tracking app, and works wherever you have a GPS signal.

Pollutant Countries (Free)

Pollutant Countries is a useful, if fairly basic, app that is essentially a database of pollution levels in various countries, allowing you to, for example, look up the level of water pollution in the US. This is not only useful for keeping informed, but also lets you plan your travel accordingly. Who knows, maybe if we all avoid travelling to polluted countries, they’ll be forced to clean up their act.

Free Battery Saver (Free)

Offering info on real-time power consumption, battery temperatures, power maintenance tips and precise power estimations for different tasks – e.g. available time for audio playback or 3G internet browsing – Free Battery Saver is already close to being a must-have app for BlackBerry owners. The app can though also help you save the environment, as the more efficiently you use your phone, the less it needs to charge – and the less it needs to charge, the less electricity you’ll be using. Cutting down electricity use is a cornerstone of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Allergies (Free)

Another app that takes the form of a database, Home Remedies for Allergies does exactly what it says on the tin, offering a variety of treatments for minor allergies that use natural ingredients found around the home. Such natural treatment of less serious medical conditions is a key part of an environmentally friendly life. The design of the app is rather basic, but the wealth of knowledge contained within makes it well worth a place on your BlackBerry phone.


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