The Lighter Side: Customer Service Calls That Will Make Your Customer Service Issues Seem Trivial

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We’ve all experienced it at one point or another: making a call to a company and being put on hold, seemingly for hours, whilst listening to the worst music imaginable. Or better yet, having to deal with a customer service agent who not only does not know what he is doing, but giving us the run around besides.

Whenever we have to contend with inefficiencies like these, it’s enough for us to throw our hands up in despair. But there are some customer service experiences that are probably much worse than yours. These nightmare scenarios have occurred – and people are still talking about them now.

Pizza, anyone?

In Wales, there was a very irate man who called the British food conglomerate, ASDA, in order to complain about a pizza he had had delivered at his home. Upon opening the box, he said, he saw that the pizza he ordered did not even have any toppings – much less tomato sauce. There was absolutely nothing on his pizza, except the dough!

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The irate customer rambles on and on until he suddenly realises that he opened the pizza box upside down. End of tirade. The man then hangs up the telephone and slinks into a corner to sulk.

The Lighter Side: Customer Service Calls That Will Make Your Customer Service Issues Seem Trivial

This is why being a Telemarketer is a Dangerous Job

We’ve all dealt with telemarketers trying to sell us a product or service on the phone. Whilst these sales agents are quite annoying, we often simply hang up the phone, instruct them not to call us again, or threaten to report them to the governing regulatory bodies. But there is one recipient of a sales call who decided to take her threats even further: a grumpy old woman who responds to an unwanted sales call by calling the agent a terrorist, a criminal, and, even worse, a rapist. To make matters worse, the crazy old lady makes another threat: to audit his taxes, or else. If you were the agent speaking to the old woman, it makes you wonder what you would do as well.

Let’s do a Little Math, shall we?

This customer service call occurred way back in 2006, but it still draws snickers from anyone who hears about it. After all, it has become quite the classic, nightmare customer service call, where whatever you say doesn’t matter. It’s just a difference of opinion. Well, here it goes: a male customer recorded a call he made wherein he was complaining about a bill with a telephone company. He told the customer agent that .002 US cents is definitely not the same as .002 US dollars. The agent’s response? “I wouldn’t know, I’m not a mathematician. It’s a difference of opinion.” As opposed to the cold, hard fact?

For sure, there are thousands of other customer service experiences around the world that merit a story of their own. But if you wouldn’t want the same scenario to happen to you if you are calling, say,  notoriously-difficult-to-connect-to-a-live-person British Telecom, then make sure you get the right BT customer services phone number from a good directory.


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