Simple Ways To Keep Your Computer In Good Condition

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Climate change due to severe environmental damage has caused the onset of various forms of calamities all over the world.  And every time we hear news about natural disasters and how they plagued their victims, we are always disheartened about the damages that could have been avoided.  In the same way, environmental disasters can also take place elsewhere – such as your computer.  That being the case, should you simply keep still until your CPU overheats and blows up?  Why not be proactive about it when you can keep your computer in peak condition?  Here are some simple things to keep in mind to ensure the upkeep of your device.

Simple Ways To Keep Your Computer In Good Condition

1. Remember the Basics

Dust and dirt, prolonged and direct sun exposure and dents in your computer are absolute no-nos.  These are just some of the computer care basics that we have been taught since the very beginning.  The question now is: are we keeping them in mind?  Or has modern technology somewhat programmed our brain to think that computers nowadays are invincible?  This is a simple thought that you should ponder on.  If you want to keep your computer in a relatively smooth running condition, better review your basic computer care practices and make sure that you are not guilty of doing things the wrong way.

2. Think before you Click

We have a fast-paced way of life nowadays.  As such, even the most minute disturbance such as waiting for our computer to boot or the slow loading of a website can get on our nerves.  This could be one of the reasons why some of us keep on clicking on websites even when the notification for a possible virus appears on our monitor.  Sometimes, we do it intentionally.  On other occasions, we simply click on the site before thinking – then we regret it afterwards.  This happens to the best of us.  But the next time you encounter such a situation, be wary and think twice about accessing such websites.  Take warnings seriously.  These virus warnings are presented to us for a reason; there’s no cause for you to brush them off.

3. Anti-virus Software

Viruses bog down your computer so it’s always necessary to keep your computer – and the files stored in it – safe from viruses.  How, exactly, do you do it?  Well, there is anti-virus software that can do the trick.  Anti-virus software is easy to install.  Once you have them installed, do remember to update them regularly.  Your choice of anti-virus software will depend on your personal preferences as well as the specifications of your device.  Most anti-virus software is free.  If you don’t have one yet, you can check the internet for reviews and from there, decide which one would best suit the needs of your device.

4. Master Defragging

When you save something in your computer and decide to delete it afterwards, how do you do it?  You normally choose the file and click on “delete”, right?  But do you know that simply deleting your files still cast gaps or shadows in the memory of your computer?  So just imagine how much free space you are wasting just because you are not well-acquainted with the practice of defragging.  Defragging will help free up the used space that deleted files have eaten up.

5. Do Routine Checks

Regularly check your computer to see if it is working the way it should.  Check the speed, remaining memory capacity, dents in the hardware.  In short, look at the overall performance of your device.  Make sure your computer is doing well.  If not, well, go back to the items in this article and start picking up a good routine to keep your device running smoothly.


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