Sharing Expenses With Your Flatmates? Here Is What You Should Know About The New Real Estate App

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Money being a sensitive issue, it would not be a bad idea to share an apartment and also all expenses of it. It is often the case that you cannot afford a well furnished room of your own in a new city and you want a roommate to accompany you and share the expenses. Getting a reliable roommate as you require is no longer hectic now. Know a bit about the real estate app used to find roommates, explore about your desired roommates and get rid of the “Roommate Wanted” situation.

Sharing Expenses With Your Flatmates  Here Is What You Should Know About The New Real Estate App

How the Real Estate App Helps to Seek Roommates?

The Real Estate App uses Facebook profiles to connect the roommate seekers. They will be provided with a list of choices to choose as the price, the apartment, the locality etc. The roommate seekers who mark the same choices are notified. The users are given choices of how much they want to reveal to the other party wishing not to conceal at least where he/ she belongs to and what does he/she do. The app is not very aged and is one of the best roommates matching service. It is developing gradually as a there is roommate wanted by a large percent of population driven by the huge and rising housing costs.

You have just to post details of your flat and soon you will get your roommate accordingly. You can chat with potential roommates and know their views and lifestyle. You connect through the housing flatmate app with the seekers searching for a room in your locality and start making a home with them together.

How to find a Roommate of your Choice?

Firstly check what sort of people you are comfortable with. Best would be it if you opt for a roommate of near about your age. Same age group has more or less same habits and schedules. Thus there would not be any disturbances to you.

Secondly you should be even while splitting the housing costs. You have to be realistic here. If it is found that anyone is bearing more than the even distribution of expenses, a dispute is sure to arise.

Thirdly make the lease paper in the names of all the people who you share the room with, because it is a legal binding agreement. If not, financial risk may arise if some of your roommates damage a thing and thrash the room and in case the landlord refuses to pay back the security money, then you will be held responsible and might be charged for the additional roommate.

If you are to share an apartment with separated rooms, divide the house expenses accordingly. The room which is bigger in size and is equipped more will surely have more expenses and the individual living in there will have to pay a little bit more.


In this monetary centered world, everyone is more or less concerned about money. Someone is a spendthrift, someone is a saver while someone is a hybrid of the two. It would be no less fantastic if the flat can be shared and it becomes comfortable to the wallet. The Real Estate app makes it easier to find a roommate wanted by you.


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