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Microwave ovens have really changed over the years. No longer are they used to heat up your food, but they can now bake, cook as well as thaw your food. They have also evolved from the conventional type to the convectional ones that boast of much greater speeds and cooking efficiency. When you are out buying the Samsung fq-159st oven, look out for some of these great but important features.

Power Rating

The power rating of any microwave oven will tell you whether you will be paying more bills, or taking more time to cook your food. Most microwave ovens have a power rating of between 600 and 1500 wattage. The ones with higher wattages are best used for cooking of large food quantities, as they produce more heat. The lower wattage microwave ovens are best suited for cooking foods that require longer periods of time.


Automatic Sensors

This sensor is very helpful in sensing whether food in the microwave oven is cooked till ready. It does this by measuring the steam available in the oven. This will thus help the microwave oven shut itself down when the food is properly cooked.  This also helps avoid the possibilities of the food getting over or under cooked. The sensor should thus be very effective in not just sensing the steam, but also in measuring the amount of food cooked, and how long it will need cooking.

Type of Control Panel

The control panel is what helps you set timers. It should be easy to use and repairable, given the wear and tear that come with constant use. Check that the control panel of the microwave oven is suitable for your needs, has all the necessary functions.

Different Cooking Stages

This helps you set different stages of cooking a given food. Instead of just having the same temperature and heat cooking the food, you can adjust these accordingly as the cooking proceeds. This is especially helpful for those who have different stages of cooking that require varying heat and temperatures for the food to be properly cooked.

Steam Cooking and Auto-defrost

This is also another great feature to look out for in your microwave oven. The steam feature will thus allow you to add water to the oven, which will be heated up and produce steam to cook the food. The defrost feature may not seem necessary, but having one will ensure that your timing and temperatures are set well in advance for an effective defrost of your food.

The Samsung FQ 159 ST is a convectional microwave oven that is much faster than the traditional microwave oven, and that is also more energy efficient. The food thus cooks much faster, and cooks pretty well too. Fan technology is used here, so that when the heat goes up, the fan spreads it all over the surface, making it possible to evenly cook all sides of the dish. You may find some additional features with this microwave oven which are not mentioned above, but still, do look into the features to ensure that you are getting a good oven for the right price; convectional microwave ovens are quite expensive. Now it is the time to keep watching your favorite show on a very luxurious screen while you cook (you may check hyundai w220d manual for this).


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