New MacBook Pro MagSafe Says Goodbye, HDMI

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Apple there is again managed to make a laptop that is thinner than its predecessor. The new MacBook Pro, which Apple unveiled Thursday night is up to 17 percent thinner than the previous model. Even more practical for daily commuting, but that also means that there is less room for all kinds of parts. Technologies that still had the previous models, do not also take a look back at the new model. Here you can read what you’re missing.

New MacBook Pro MagSafe Says Goodbye, HDMI

No More MagSafe Connector

Apple takes the MacBook Pro final farewell to a very clever invention: the magnetic MagSafe connector to charge your Mac. Which prevents your laptop would fall to the ground if someone stuck behind your cable. In the exercise of great power did the magnet automatically loose. Who has probably managed to save many MacBook from a fall.

New MacBook Pro MagSafe Says Goodbye, HDMI

In between there was introduced a second version of the MagSafe connector, which MagSafe 2 was baptized. But with the 12-inch MacBook that appeared last year, the end was more or less heralded. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch model of the new MacBook Pro MagSafe no more, but C 4 USB connections. Which you could use all to recharge your MacBook. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and Touch ID uses USB C to charge the battery. Old models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have the MagSafe 2 connector still. MacBook Air Apple also confirmed the 11-inch model from the market.

No Extra-Long Power Cable

There is no extra-long power cord to the MacBook Pro. Previously you got an extra extension piece, but you’ll have to buy loose. The standard cable is only 2 meters, which is quite short if the outlet is directly under your desk

No HDMI Connection

Last year provided Apple MacBook Pro line even a small incremental update. The 12-inch MacBook had to do earlier this year with only a USB-C connector, so it was in line with expectations that Apple would do the same with the MacBook Pro. Many people looked then be surprised when it still appeared to have a separate HDMI connection. It went against the trend that Apple just opt for private connections such as Lightning and Thunderbolt. The new MacBook Pro, Apple is now taking yet final farewell to HDMI. There is no separate HDMI output and more if you want to connect new Mac to a TV or projector with HDMI input you also need an adapter.

New MacBook Pro MagSafe Says Goodbye, HDMI

No “Standard” USB Port for USB Stick or iPhone

Who watched last night on Twitter, this issue did come back frequently. The new MacBook Pro has only the smaller USB-C input, but no ordinary USB connector lake, also called USB-A. Simply connect a USB stick or your iPhone can not anymore. Again, you have now a separate adapter needed. Which depend on adapters is not always a good thing, we recently saw. Users of a 12-inch MacBook reported display problems with USB C adapters.

No More SD Card Slot

A separate entrance for SD cards with photo and video cameras, we are not back on the new MacBook Pro. This while present on the MacBook Pro since 2012. Photographers are an important group of professionals, so the choice still feels somewhat contradictory. For a few bucks for this are also adapters available is whether it is practical to always having to carry a whole set of adapters, but the demand.

With the introduction of the 12-inch MacBook Apple took all quietly bid farewell to the iconic illuminated Apple logo on the back. As we have discussed in Tech.Trade, the new MacBook Pro still has an Apple logo, but it’s just like static on the back of an iPhone or iPad. The Apple logo does not represent slightly more when you flip open MacBook.


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