Most Important Things To Check When Buying A Laptop

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In the twentieth century Computer has become an essential part of our life. From using it for communication via emails, doing important office jobs to recreational use, it has its footprints all over in the daily lives. Though earlier when saying computer one may refer to the big box with display ups and separate sound units  that eats up a good amount of space , now off course the thought has changed , handheld compact all in one computer devices called as Laptops has emerged as a must have appliance or device for any house.

Most Important Things To Check When Buying A Laptop

A large number of laptops are now being sold by online companies like Ebay, Paytm and Shopclues. Customer want quality laptops with discounts which they can easily get from coupons aggregators like MyCouponPromotion. As having a laptop is important now a days, it is also very important having the right laptop, therefore here I will be discussing about some important tips, properties and features before buying a laptop. :

  1. Usage: For what purpose are you going to buy one machine? The answer lies in your line of work. And according to that the configuration of your laptop along with its price will change.  Like if you are into writing and office related documents altering jobs then your laptop configuration would be much different than one with heavy gaming or multimedia software usage.
  2. Brand and Support: When going for a particular brand one should do little background digging about the brand reputation and its customer support facility. So that there will not be any future bad experience like Sony, who discontinued their services without a sound notice towards the VAIO laptops distributed by them.
  3. Cost and offers: You must have an idea about what can be the budget for the laptop of your requirements and should tally with the available products. Also it’s not always about big price for big performers, keep your eyes open, company s sometimes run their product specific offers which makes price little lower. If you are buying through Ebay then check the Ebay Coupons by MyCouponPromotion which can get upto additional 9% discount on the price of selected electronics and many other products. Also, one can try using the Shopclues coupons available at their site which can fetch upto 9% discount on electronics and 13% discount on non electronics products.
  4. A Good Configuration: The most important of all, one must know what is needed for their work. By going for a laptop with over specification or under specification will make your pockets burn or not a value for money buy. So first consult with a basic computer engineer or any consultant fix a good and balanced configuration and go for that.
  5. Battery and Dimensions: As it is portable device so it must be built such as it should be easy to carry and a good size to hold. Also the weight must be less and carriable. The.The battery life adds up to the performance of the laptop and mobility so a long running battery is always preferable.
  6. Warranty Policy: Well nobody thinks negative but the wise man says hope for the best and prepare for the worst, so it’s better to check what are the measures to be taken if your system is crashed or compromised. The Warranty period plus the warranty policy how the company is going to take care of the defect can be considered as a major constraint. While most of the laptop manufacturers provide one year on-sitewarranty it can be extended at the time of buying by paying some extra cash.

Those are some of the important check-up things for a layman before buying a laptop. One should be careful about those facts before the big buying day because no one buys laptop regularly it’s a one time thing and it should be perfect.


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