Making The Most Of Your Company’s Greatest Asset

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If you run a small business these days, you are almost certain to have an internet presence. Your website is often the first contact potential customers will have with your company and it is vital to create a positive impression.

Making The Most Of Your Company's Greatest Asset

According to the Office for National Statistics, more than three-quarters of the adult population of Great Britain accessed the internet every day in 2014. People expect to be able to look you up online and if they cannot, they are likely to move on to another company.

Increasing Traffic to your Website

The more people you can get to visit your website, the greater the potential for securing new business; therefore, the concept of search engine optimisation is big news. This essentially means making sure that your company’s website appears as high up as possible on the big search engines, such as Google. The best way to do this is to ensure that your content is relevant and interesting and that you update it regularly. Think about the keywords and terms that will appeal to your target audience.

Making sure your Website is the Best it can be

All the hard work you have put in to increase traffic to your website will be wasted if the site itself is below par. Your website needs to be slick and user friendly and you should bear in mind that many people use the internet on the go these days. According to Ofcom, over 60% of UK adults use a smartphone; therefore, you must ensure that your site is just as easy to use from a mobile phone as from a laptop or desktop computer. Your conversion rate is all-important, meaning that you need to make your site as inviting as possible to turn prospects into sales. Not everyone has the time or knowledge necessary to look after their own website, which is why many small companies choose to employ an expert such as, a web design agency in London.

The widespread access to the internet that we enjoy in this country is great news for businesses, as it means they have ever-greater opportunities to get their brand known and recognised by the public. Investing in the professionals to make sure your website runs smoothly is a small price to pay.


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