iPhone Spy Solution To Monitor Children

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iPhone has been a sensation since long. It is probably the first of its kind smartphone hence making a huge impact on the market. iPhone once released causes a stir in the market to be readily purchased. However, the sensation that it has become also brings in a few problems. The children of new generation are constantly making parents worried. Though, these monitoring apps have paved the way for a safer future of children who otherwise might be prone to some bad habits. iPhone spy apps are the biggest relief in the picture.

iPhone Spy Solution To Monitor Children

New Ideas with New Technology

The arrival of technology brings problems as well. But every problem has solutions. As iPhone spy the renowned app StealthGenie has made a huge mark in the market of monitoring apps. The new modifications have made it an app with maximum features. Compatible with all iOS version on all iPhones and iPads this one is a classy edition.

The Features Overview

StealthGenie Covers

  • GPS Location Tracking (History, Current, Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing)
  • SMS History and Location included deleted ones
  • IM (Instant Messaging) Spying (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber)
  • Call Logs (Call History, Location of Call, Live Call Intercept)
  • Phone Lock, Remote Access
  • Live Surrounding

These features along with compatibility with finest apps make it such a huge hit. The 100,000 users and rapid growth is a fine evidence of it.  Moreover, the parents can use the app  as a great resource to know anytime of the day from anywhere about whatever the children are up to.

Best use

For children one can easily use Geo-Fencing to keep a check on the areas they go at any point in time with tags of Safe and Unsafe options. Once that is done it becomes easy for a person to have a check. At the same time it’s a lot easier to know the exact location from anywhere with remote access.

With minimal consumption of battery StealthGenie never lets its presence felt in the phone. Since it operates in hidden mode so there are no footprints of its installation whatsoever during the whole process. Thus, the app becomes an easy-to-use tool as an iPhone spy app for that matter.


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