How To Use Video In Your Mastermind Group

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Video is one of the most powerful mediums available. It can simplify complex topics, show animations of machinery that are otherwise impossible to show, and it can organize presentations so they look more professional. In a mastermind group, videos are a simple way to share ideas, advertisements, and product demos before they go “live.”

How To Use Video In Your Mastermind Group

Posting On Private Forums

When you join a mastermind group, and post videos privately, you basically have two options. You can download a video you previously uploaded to YouTube (or some other video sharing site) using programs like, and upload them to the forum, or you can simply post a private link to the forum for all members to see.

The benefit of downloading a video and re-uploading it to a new site is that you have more control over the video once it’s in your hands. The downside is that you have to personally manage the bandwidth usage once it’s hosted on your own site – the forum moderator might also not allow uploads due to excessive bandwidth usage associated with videos.

The benefit of posting up a private link is the bandwidth issue is a non-issue. The downside is you have less control over the video playback.

Displaying Product Demos

You might have a cool product demo you want to show off. A video is the perfect way to do this. Video demos can show off a lot of detail that just can’t be explained via text. If you’re really savvy with a computer, or you know someone who is, you can put together a slick animation that goes into the nitty-gritty details of your product or service.

For example, let’s say you’ve invented a new type of transmission for some existing appliance. It makes the appliance 30 percent more efficient. To show off your new invention, you put together a product demo. You can’t easily explain how the new gear set and belt-drive system works, so you hire someone to put together an animation for you.

Suddenly, the visualization makes it crystal clear. Everyone in your mastermind group “gets it.”

Testing Advertisements

Ad testing is huge in small business circles. The best weapon for increasing sales is a good direct marketing piece. While traditional direct marketing principles, that have always worked, still work, there’s no substitute for testing.

Still, you don’t want to waste money on a bad ad. If you were testing text ads, you could just post the ad up and let people comment on it. But video ads are becoming huge in the pay-per-click space, and this is where more and more ad dollars are being funneled. Before you make your ad go live, it’d be nice to show it to other people first – like your mastermind group.

And here is yet another way to use video in your group. Post your ad before you spend money on it. Get feedback. Chances are there are people in your group that have run an ad similar to yours before. Maybe they can save you a few bucks.

When using downloads, make sure to remember to respect IP.

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