How Likely Are You To See A Galaxy Note 5 Edge? – The Answers

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Phablet users all around the globe are expectantly waiting for September to arrive when they can finally get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  Can’t wait to get a peek at what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might look like? Go to and get a hold of their concept designs. Until September comes, live vicariously from what the website has on offer. Some things are worth the wait!

However, amidst all the fanfare, what we conveniently seem to be forgetting about is the update on the long rumored sibling phablet flagship of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5- the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge. With each passing second, the possibility of its existence keeps getting bleaker.

According to reports that are emanating from multiple websites, Samsung will be looking to induct their new phablet flagship program, which is the Galaxy Note 5 during the forthcoming IFA Berlin 2015 (also known as Berlin Radio Show) in Germany this September. However, the long awaited dual-curved display sibling of the Galaxy Note 5 will not be hitting the market shelves anytime soon. Samsung is investing effort on the imminent release of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is a bigger edition of their current flagship program. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will reportedly hit retailer stores across the globe prior to the IFA Berlin 2015.

How Likely Are You To See A Galaxy Note 5 Edge? - The Answers

Shock and delight marked the sentiment during last year’s IFA Berlin when the sibling note device to Samsungs’ current phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note series was introduced for the first time. Ever since that fateful introduction with the Galaxy Note Edge last year, users have been expectantly looking forward to the Edge edition of the Galaxy S5 to be hitting the market shelves sometime soon. Previous predictions suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 would be released sometime during July, to measure up against Apple’s August release but Samsung Mobile President J.K. Shin conclusively put these rumors to rest.

The Galaxy Note 5 which has been codenamed Project Noble is expected to feature either a 5.89 inch 2K or 4K resolution AMOLED Display which would make the current model slightly heavier than its predecessors. It has also been reported that it may operate under a newer Exynos 7422 octa-core processor. Like its previous versions, it would be synced with the current version of Android OS, including the updated Lollipop 5.1.1 and would be powered by a 4,100mAh battery. This battery would be well paired with a wireless charging feature the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to contain. Furthermore, an automatic S Pen ejection feature is also likely to be added to the accessories of the Galaxy Note 5.

While the Galaxy Note 5 begins its ascent as the torch bearer of innovation in technology, the Galaxy Note Edge- its promising sibling will for the time being enter the annals of modern day inventions that might never see the light of the day, at least not in 2015!


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