Clashot Review: Earn Money Easily By Selling Photos

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With the rise of the latest smart phone technology, photography has really reached to a new level. Now most of the Smartphone’s are packed up with high quality in-built cameras. Nokia has released a new Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone with a 41 Megapixel camera. So you yourself can think how photography passion is growing among smart phone users.

Not to mention, iPhone and other iOS devices also have a great camera. The awesome picture quality and other features had made iPhone users go crazy capturing pictures. But what if this camera could help you earn few thousand dollars per month easily just by capturing your favorite photos. Yes, this is now 100% possible and very easy too.

Clashot is an easy way to monetize your photography now. This is an iOS app developed by one of the leading micro-photo stock agency company Depositphotos.


Clashot: An Overview

So you now might be thinking of that what is this Clashot?

As I had already told you that Clashot is another initiative of Depositphotos that can help you earn money easily by capturing photos. The whole process is pretty simple.

First you have to just capture photos of any event you think can grab some eyeballs and people would be ready to pay for it. These can be related to events, shows, meetings, nature, wildlife and everything else around you.

After capturing these photos, you simply login into your Clashot account and then upload your albums or reports in Clashot by adding proper description, tags, categories and share then with rest of the world.

Just a small tip, next time when you go to watch any live event or match then make sure that you get the seat in first two or three rows, so that you can capture some high quality photos for selling them on Clashot easily.

After this the Depositphotos officials will approve your photo and after this your photos will be listed on the editorial section of Depositphotos where large numbers of media agencies, news agencies, graphic designers, advertisers etc buy bulk photos daily.

You’ll get 44% of each sale of your photo which is quite okay. The income generated through your photos would be transferred into your account balance which can be withdrawn to your PayPal account when you need it very easily.

So the flowchart of Clashot working goes like this –

  1. Download and Install Clashot
  2. Capture photos
  3. Upload them to Clashot
  4. Enjoy your income

It’s that simple and easy and I am sure that you would be willing to try your hands on this great app now.

Download the Clashot App Now

Use the below link to download the latest version of Clashot app to your iPhone or other iOS device.

 App Store

So Clashot is definitely a promising and trustworthy app that stands somewhere between photo app and photo market app. Overall I am completely satisfied with the app and would surely recommend even you to try this app at least one and share your reviews about the app using comments below.


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