Choose An Android Phone For More Advantages

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If you want to choose between an Android phone and an iPhone, it can be difficult to decide which is better if you simply listen to the hyped-up fans. Rather than taking your cue from the media, take a moment to look at the actual advantages you gain by choosing an Android phone for your next mobile option. When you know the truth of the matter, going to the nearest cellular store and picking out your new phone should be a matter of course.

Choose An Android Phone For More Advantages

Better for Business Use

When you own or manage a business, you already have too much on your plate to worry about your phone not performing. An Android phone will more effectively and quickly sync with Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google calendar. This makes it faster and easier to keep in touch with important clients, find important business information, and keep up with all of your pressing deadlines. In fact, Google tends to prefer working with Android users more than iPhone users and you can often get access to the best features from these services before iPhone users. Whether you are a business person on the go or need to keep in touch with a deep network of employees throughout the day, an Android phone is your best option to stay on top.

Easier Battery Replacement

Batteries degrade over time and you should not be forced to replace your entire phone or pay an exorbitant fee to fix an issue. The best Android phones allow you to easily remove the back casing to remove the offending battery and replace it with a new one, making this option more convenient. If your mobile were to suddenly freeze, for example, you would be forced to bring an iPhone into a store for help. With an Android phone, simply remove the casing and take out the battery for a forced shut-off. The time and money saved should make using your mobile simpler in the long run.

Additional Storage

Unlike an iPhone, which comes with a set amount of storage, many Android models offer the option to add an SD card for additional storage. When you have a great deal of photographs, videos, or files to keep in your mobile, it helps to be able to add space when you need it. Quite frankly, iPhones are not always created with user convenience in mind in regard to physical functionality and are instead focused on software and camera options within the device itself.

Simple Charging

iPhones, especially new models, use an uncommon and unique charging cable that is often not cost-effective to replace. Android phones use standard USB cables that can be bought at nearly any store for just a few AUD, making it simple to replace a broken or lost charging cord. If you find yourself on holiday, out for business, or otherwise away from the home without a charger, it is far easier to find a charger for an Android phone than it is to find one for the newer models of iPhones. Whether this is your first mobile purchase or not, the money, time, and energy saved by purchasing an Android phone makes it the best option in all cases.


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