Apple vs. Samsung: Who Wins The Technology Battle?

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Apple vs. Samsung: Who Wins The Technology Battle?Despite Nokia, HTC and others making a big push for their products, the smartphone market firmly remains a two horse race, with Apple and Samsung consistently dominating sales. The brands each seem to engender a devoted following, with Apple fans refusing to go near a Galaxy device and Samsung users scoffing at the iPhone crowd. But is one really better than the other?

At first glance, Samsung Galaxy smartphone devices are usually larger than iPhones, with wider screens. However, they’re very slimline too, so the size doesn’t become cumbersome and will still fit easily into a pocket. iPhones are in general smaller and slightly lighter but both device ranges have high-definition touch-screens, and come with the ability to stream and display film, television and other online content with increasingly impressive clarity.

Both brands also manufacture their own tablet. In the current market, Apple’s iPad dominates Samsung’s Galaxy Tab; each, though, offers a huge range of features. Both tablets have large interactive screens, though if you were to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, your device would run Google’s Android operating system as opposed to Apple’s iOS. The former is famed for its personal customisability though the latter often has some apps before Google devices, with early-stage developers concentrating their initial fire on developing for Apple products. While both elements have their advantages, the fact that Samsung models run Google software also makes integration with Google provided apps such as Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail that little bit easier.

Alternatively, if a smartphone is too small and a tablet too big, both manufacturers have created the Goldilocks product: you could buy the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or an iPad Mini, both smaller ‘mini-tablets’ which offer a tablet-style screen in the palm of your hand. The Note does have the upper hand in this department in at least one respect, as it can make phone calls, unlike the iPad.

According to tech-savvy types, Apple has the sleekness while Samsung has the processing power, but with either product you’ll likely have a device that’s dependable and intuitively easy to use.


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