Accessorize Your iPhone6/6S In Style

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So, you are the proud owner of the latest Apple iPhone 6/6S. Such an expensive addition to your life needs a lot of car, not to mention protection and means through which you can make it work to the best of its Apple-like amazing capabilities in all kinds of situations. Buying the phone isn’t the end of your investment in your digital life. Here are some accessories which are as much a necessity as the phone itself.

    • Backup power

Also known as power banks – an essential if you are spending a lot of times outdoors or on the move – the Monoprice Battery Backup featuring LED Flashlight works with the iPhone, iPod and other USB devices. The battery capacity is 2600 mAh and is turned on or off with a single press of the button. Double click turns the LED on or off.

    • Car mount

The Tech Matte MagGrip CD Slot is easy to use – just slide it into the CD player slot, fix your iPhone in place and you’re done! The strong magnetic hold ensures the safety of your phone and it’s adjustable so that you can change the angle at which you can view the phone.

    • Bluetooth speakers

Can’t imagine a life without music even when you’re camping? This is the right choice for you. Anker A7908 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is small, lightweight and has a playtime of up to 15-20 hours on a full charge. It works with the iPhone and just about any other device which is Bluetooth compatible.

    • Foldable keyboard

The 2nd generation Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard by iLepo can be your new best friend. The compact design makes it ideal for traveling and you can choose the color to match your iPhone. Not only does it have all the standard features of a QWERTY keyboard, iLepo has put convenient shortcuts on your fingertips for screenshots, selecting favorite songs and most importantly, selfies!

    • Selfie Sticks

Speaking of selfies, if you’re not into them your circle of friends probably is! Keep them happy with the Looq System DG-LB01 Wired Extendable Third Generation Selfie Monopod. It can extend from 8.2 inches to 41.7 inches (wow!) which means you can get wider shots with better background depth.

    • Phone Grip

No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. Phones slip when you’re texting while walking or engaged in other activities. The Ninja Loop is a simple, minimalist design solution to your problem. Weighing a mere 0.6 grams, there’s no added bulk to deal with and you can reach your whole screen with one thumb.

    • Bike mounts

Let’s not forget our sporty friends! The VeloStrap is a simple rubber device and a stable way of attaching your phone to your bike. It’s shaped like an infinity symbol and secures the phone without obstructing the mic or speakers. Never miss a call or update while getting your daily bike ride fix.

    • Add on lens

For photography lovers, Moment lenses can work with or without a case and can be attached directly to your phone. They come with free essentials like a phone mount, extra adhesive and a cloth sleeve to carry the lens.

    • Wallet case

The jimmyCASE does away with bulky and cumbersome flap covers. This hybrid wallet case can hold up to 6 credit cards and cash. The mahogany core gives it extra strength and a silicone bumper protects your fragile iPhone screen. The iPhone 6S wallet case comes in ten different color combinations for the elastic fabric. With custom versions available for choice of wood and bumper color, this is the best iphone 6S case available.

Accessorize Your iPhone6/6S In Style

  • Smartphone stand

OCD or not, a decluttered workspace can help you function better. The two in one Apex Laptop and Smartphone stand weighs less than a pound and can hold both your laptop and your iPhone, giving you access to both screens visually. The aluminum alloy body adds strength to the compact, slim design while silicone rubber borders avoid slippage.


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