6 Powerful Computer Based Jobs for 2013

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Web Designer

Web designers focus on how the site will look and the interaction of the user in navigating the site. This position can overlap into web development. There is a distinction between the two professions. Web designers are more focused on the branding and marketing aspect of the site. They work with typography, color and, layout to create the site that draws the users. They are also proficient in many of the Adobe software tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Fireworks.

Annual salaries for web designers average between $70K-$80K. Salaries will fluctuate depending on the employer and location as most do. The projected growth is 13% between the years of 2008 and 2018.

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Web Developer

Web developers do the work at the back end of the website. They do programming and develop the interaction for the user. A little more back-end detailed than web design, this profession gets into the nuts and bolts of how a website functions to accomplish all that needs to get done on the site. The developer is responsible for the code that makes the site function for all intents and purposes. Knowledge of HTML, CSS as well as the programming languages such as JavaScript, ASP.net, Ajax and others is required.

The projected growth for developers is 20% into 2020. The field is looking to add over 65,000 professionals by the year 2020. Job prospects look very favorable.

Software Programmer

Programmers do a number of things. They write and debug software as well as test them to accomplish what they are programmed to do. They actually write the languages that businesses need to accomplish work using the computer. The most common languages for programming include C++ and Python.

The top salary for this position ranges from $70K to $115K a year. However, even the lower-paying positions start at $40K a year. Most programmer positions require a Bachelor’s degree. However, other areas that provide the background include information systems, computer science, or math.

There is a 12% projected increase in the number of jobs for this profession. By 2020, there will be an increase of over 43,000 professionals in this industry. The expected growth is the reason this is in the top rankings for one of the best computer-based jobs in 2013.

Software Developer

Software developers are different from web developers. The first distinct difference is that software developers actually create applications from scratch. The web developer writes the code behind the spectacular sites for great user interactivity. A passion for solving problems, possessing strong analytical skills and the ability to think outside the proverbial box are part of the requirements for this occupation. Categories included in this field are computer systems design, creating electronic products, and finance.

The average annual salary range is $90K and the top salary range is $137K. The lower salary end ranges around $55K. This position has a projected grow of 27.6% into the year 2020. This means that the prospects are very good for someone in this field.

Computer Systems Analyst

This position requires the ability analyze how a computer system is best used in an organization. The nature of this position requires a person that sees the big-picture. They need knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of a computer system as well as the hardware and the networks. They make recommendations that get a company running effectively and efficiently.

As the other areas grow for computer-based jobs, this one will as well. There is a 22.1% projected increase for this position. The annual median salary range is $79K and the top salary range is $120K. Lower paid professionals make around $50K.

Database Administrator

This job is the backbone for many software applications as well the companies who use them. This person does quite a bit for a company in that he/she makes sure all the DBAs are working effectively and efficiently. They do the fine-tuning, resolve complex computer issues that arise, and test changes or modifications that may be required. Attention-to-detail is a must have for this profession. They work with the computer programmers as well as the managers.

The projected growth is 30.6% into the year 2020. The average to top salary range is $75K to $117K. Some of the higher paying positions can be found in communications equipment manufacturing and natural gas distribution.

The jobs in this list may seem like the same job with different titles. However, there are subtle and distinct differences that make them unique. While the overlap in knowledge and education is apparent, each position holds its own place in the top computer-based jobs list.

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