5 Employee Scheduling Apps

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We all lead busy lives and it can be very difficult to manage our time. There are many things which we have to organise throughout the day. Family commitments, such as children, have to be slotted into our busy schedule. The work which a line manager or supervisor asks us to do also has to be organised. This can be a logistical nightmare, especially as it is very easy to forget something, such as a task at work. Not only is this embarrassing but it also shows poor management skills.

5 Employee Scheduling Apps
Thankfully, scheduling apps can help in this situation. Searching around for the most effective apps which can help with organising a work schedule might take a while but it needn’t be difficult. Here are some of the apps which can help employees with organising their work schedule:


Free to download and made by the same company as Siri, the Tempo app brings together Facebook and LinkedIn in order to create a detailed schedule. Work order software such as this makes organising a significant number of tasks very simple. Appointments can even be arranged by day, week and month. By clicking on a particular day which appears on a calendar, every appointment or deadline can be viewed at once. If a project has to be completed by a particular time, this can also be entered.

Pocket Informant

Although a small fee applies to downloading this app, it is money well spent. Syncing with Google accounts, Pocket Informant is an incredibly helpful app. By connecting to a cloud network, changes can be made to a calendar very easily. When an appointment has been booked or work scheduled to be completed by a particular date, every Google account will be updated and each one doesn’t have to be manually changed.


This aesthetically pleasing app displays work, appointments and other commitments in a similar fashion to a wall planner. An entire week of events and deadlines can be viewed at once where they are organised by time. To make managing a huge workload even easier, each project is colour coded. As a result, it is very simple to see when a long meeting is due to happen because it will have a different colour than other tasks.


When typing an event or deadline onto Fantastical, which charges a small download fee, it is edited via a similar method to predicted text. If information about a deadline is entered quickly onto another app, it might not make a lot of sense because spelling isn’t checked. The Fantastical app also sorts deadlines and events so that they appear above a particular day. If a deadline is looming, this app acts as a reminder.


Free to download, the Cozi app can be used by multiple people. It can also inform someone that they should tell a work colleague that their deadline is due because each person in a team can be colour coded. The deadlines or appointments for each person can have a different colour which is very convenient.


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