20 Percent of Third Graders Now Own a Mobile Phone

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A new research conducted by the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center shows that 20% of children in the third grade now own a mobile phone. The study also shows that 39 % of fifth graders and 89% of middle school students have cellular phones. Apparently, cellular phones are no longer a gadget for adults. More and more youngsters today are given their own mobile phones.

One of the main reasons why young people are now provided with their own mobile phone is safety. Parents think it is best to provide their children with a means to call in case of emergencies or when their attention is immediately needed. A kid having trouble going home from school, for example, can easily send an SMS or call to be fetched. Mobile phones can also save parents the trouble of worrying whenever their children get home late. They can easily contact them and ask about their whereabouts. New mobile phone features and applications also make it easier to monitor children with their mobile phones. For example, GPS enabled-phones can help parents keep track of their children’s locations any time of the day.

kid using mobile phone

Most youths ask their parents to give them mobile phones so they can play popular mobile games just like many of their friends and contemporaries. Besides the gaming features, there are also other useful mobile phone apps that children can use. Children who own phones with Wi-Fi connectivity, for example, can use their phone to search for word definitions or find fun things on the internet. They can also download applications that they can use for their homework, such as maps and calculators. Most phones also have clocks that children can use to keep track of time or as an alarm clock to wake them up for school in the morning.

Mobile phones used to be very expensive when they were first released years ago. Because of the growing number of mobile phone manufacturers and the stiff competition among phone service providers, the price of mobile phones has become more affordable. Some of them are even provided for free with a plan. There may be expensive smartphones that are offered in the market today but basic mobile phones — those that do not have fancy features like video and photo features are relatively affordable. Parents find it much easier to give in to their children’ requests for mobile phones since these gadgets have become more budget friendly.

Children socialize using their mobile phones as it allows them to keep in touch with their classmates and friends even from home. With a mobile phone, children can text or call their classmates to ask about news from school when they are absent, or to get help with their homework. Parents give their children means to socialize and mingle with their friends by providing them with a mobile phone. However, some parents find it best to track their children’s mobile phone activity using Parental Control Apps to keep them safe from strangers and bullies.

With all the features and conveniences provided by a mobile phone, the device has now become a necessity rather than an item of luxury. Thus, children as young as six now have their own mobile phones in their pocket. With it, parents can easily call their children for instructions or just say hello when they are apart.

The mobile phone is no longer just a device for business people to keep in touch with their clients and business partners. More and more adolescents now have their own mobile phones because it helps keep them safe and connected. The mobile phone has already evolved as a gadget that keeps children safer and families, closer and stronger.


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