10 Reasons To Start Using LED Lights

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Nowadays LED bulbs are the most rapidly developing lighting trend. And its popularity is derived not only from our love to hi-tech but also from number of features that make our life better. Let’s list the most crucial:

10 Reasons To Start Using LED Lights

1) Energy Saving

Many would say that it’s a key feature of LED lighting. This technology uses energy really effectively. An average LED bulb consumes 10 times less power than incandescent analog. Most of them have A+ energy efficiency class, and some even exceed A++ class requirements.

2) Cost-effectiveness

Energy-efficiency leads to cost-efficiency. Switching your house to LEDs will help you save a round amount on utility bills. The economy may reach thousands of dollars for large areas or enterprises. Check out prices on LED lighting suppliers page.

3) Eco-friendliness

The less power you use the less power needs to be produced. That will lead to energy commodities use and CO2 emissions reduction. Some researches show that popularization of LED lighting will not only save billions of dollars on energy generation but also may affect our environment and contribute into energy crisis and global warming fighting.

4) Durability

Long life-span is also a feature that cares about your wallet and environment. LED lamps serve for over 30 000 hours. So the lamp bought by you will be replaced only by your children.

5) Safety

Some people are afraid of new technologies. But usually this fear is baseless. LED lighting is way more caring to our health than traditional technologies. They don’t contain mercury as CFLs and don’t heat up too much as incandescent bulbs. High quality LEDs don’t flicker like fluorescent lamps so they don’t harm our eyes and nerves.

6) Beauty of Light

In spite of flicker-free operation, LEDs also have a high color rendering index. So they help to reach the daylight effect which creates cozy atmosphere indoors and makes roads safer. LEDs are also available in a wide color range from standard white tints to all colors of the rainbow.

7) It’s Cool

LED don’t heat up as much as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. So you won’t burn your fingers by touching them. They also contribute into energy saving and make air conditioning more effective. And that’s cool!

8) LEDs are Smart

LEDs are perfect for smart lighting systems. They can be dimmed and used with various smart controls such as motion sensors and daylight harvesting systems.

9) Aesthetics and Design Flexibility

LEDs are available in a wide range of forms from standard arbitrary to… well… any. You may also play with beam angle, screw base and luminous element construction when designing your lighting. That’s why architects adore LEDs so much.

10) An Easy Way to get with the Times

Modern eco-friendly technology usage is the easiest way to contribute into environmental care. Being a part of a global green movement will make you feel more responsible and up-to-date. So it’s a good way to fix not only your house but also your mood.


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