Why Should Your Real Estate Business Be On Social Media?

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Few decades ago, newspapers, ads and pamphlets were the only means of marketing. While today, realtors who have sufficient knowledge of technology and media have turned to search Medias and search engine optimisation for marketing of their companies and brands. More than 1 billion people are active of Face book which Twitter boasts of more than 400 million accounts. Hence, people are constantly connected to social media to look out for property in Pune and other cities. They get knowledge about every brand and product online.

Why Should Your Real Estate Business Be On Social Media

If start looking from customer’s perspective, then you will soon realize how important it is to market your brand in media so that it reaches every nook and corner. Keep in mind these tips to benefit the most out of social media.

Listen to the Demand of the Customers

Search for your customers online. Try to find some commonly used phases. For example, people who Post on Face book and Twitter use certain common words while searching for a real estate. You will soon come to know that there are many people who are in search of realtors like you.

Let the Customers Know Your Worth

Asking the customers to like or follow you on social networking sites is not a good idea. You need to tell them your worth and give them some good reasons to trust your brand. Even if you have a fan page ,make your ads attractive so that people are compelled to like and follow you.

Come up with Authentic Ideas

Be yourself when you are advertising. Keep in mind that people are attracted to posts and ads which are different from others. So, don’t follow the league. Come up with out of the box lines to post on Face book fan page. This will, surely attract the customers to your product.

Ask Questions to Find Answers

Simply posting a line or a slogan on face book and other social websites won’t work. Customers will simply read and move ahead. Hence, try to strike a conversation between you and the customers. Try asking a tricky question like for example, “What is your favourite residential location?” Many people will comment and you will surely get some honest customers soon.

Surprise and Delight Your Customers

Everyone loves surprises and tricky ideas. If you really want to attract more people to your page or a group, then try conducting contests and quiz. At least one out of ten people will take the quiz. This will encourage others to join your community. You can also give gifts to those who win the contests. Your customers will surely love this kind of interaction.

Pictures are More Interesting than Lines

Photos tell a certain story which a text cannot. Make use of this fact and try to post as many pictures as you can relate to your estate. You can also take pictures of your customers who have bought a property. Adding videos will be better as the viewers will get an insight about upcoming trends and rates.

Thus, make it a point to include only interesting ideas when you are interacting with customers through social media. This will make the communication effective and strong. Always remember to take feedback from the customers about your property. This will help you a lot in your future.


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