What To Look For In A Web Designer

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Excellent customer experiences are crucially important for all businesses to deliver in the digital era. Whether you operate a restaurant, a small online business that you run from the comfort of the spare bedroom at home, or even a bank, delivering excellent customer experiences is a must.

While you may be personable, good at what you do and have the desire to ensure your customers enjoy excellent experiences when buying products and services from your business, if your website isn’t up to scratch, then no matter how hard you try you’re never going to be able to give your customers the kind of experiences they desire and deserve – that’s where the services of experienced website designers enter the equation.

What To Look For In A Web Designer

Like social media, a quality website is integral to the overall customer experience. And with that in mind, if you’ve taken a long, hard look at your website and you’ve decided that it’s in need of an upgrade, the following tips on how to source a good provider of web design in Manchester are sure to prove helpful. Here are four points to bear in mind when looking for a website designer.

  1. Their Portfolio  

Just as an employer would look at a candidate’s resume before contacting them for an interview, so too should you look at the website designer’s portfolio. If the work they’ve been doing looks cheap or inexperienced, move onto the next. Creative professionals, like web designers, use their portfolios to showcase their best work and attract customers, so if what they’re showing you doesn’t excite you, continue looking until you find one whose portfolio ticks all your boxes.

  1. Their Style

A good website designer will be able to work to the style requirements of their clients, but still give plenty of consideration to style considerations when going through their portfolio. If they’ve got a visual style that you like the look of and would like for your business website, that’s a great place to start.

  1. Their Attitude

When you’ve contacted the web designer, do they take the time to listen to you or do they start telling you what you need? A good website designer takes the time to listen to their clients’ requirements to get a feel for their business and customer base, and an understanding of what they do.

  1. Their Experience

Boasting plenty of experience in designing top quality websites for a particular industry is a great thing, but if a potential website designer lacks experience in your industry they might not be the right choice. If your website is going to deliver excellent customer experiences, the website designer must have direct experience in designing websites for clients in your industry, whether that’s agriculture, construction or e-commerce.

With so many talented web designers and agencies to select from, choosing the right website designer to create your business website can be tough going. However, as a high-quality website is an integral part of delivering excellent customer experiences, it’s essential that you get things right the first time.


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