What Is the Value of a College Degree in the Workplace?

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Most of us probably heard that if we wanted to make something of ourselves as professionals in the workforce, we would need to have a college degree in order to do it. But then people came along like Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire business people who haven’t earned college degrees, and that started to challenge that theory—just a bit.

PharmDProgramOn top of that, recently the Huffington Post published an article citing the fact that currently half of all college graduates are actually working jobs that don’t require a degree. So, with college debt continuing to rise and jobs being scarcer than ever, if you’ve found yourself wondering if there is any value to having a college degree in the workplace, you’re not alone.

That’s why we wanted to provide you with five reasons why, even in these times, having a college degree is definitely a good thing to have when applying for jobs.

A college degree makes you more attractive to companies. Although there are more and more jobs that look for people who have experience rather than a college degree, the reality is that people with a formal college education are still preferred. It not only speaks to having some of the required skills, but also that you are good at committing to things and sticking to it.

A college degree can help you to earn more money. Here’s a statistic that you should keep in mind. Even in today’s “roller coaster” economy, those with a college degree can earn twice more than those who only have a high school diploma. Without a doubt, a degree is a viable “negotiating tool” during final interview time.

A college degree can expose you to many career paths. One thing about people who don’t have a degree but do have tons of experience in a particular field is that their employment options tend to be pretty limited. This is not the case with those how have a degree. For instance, if you have a college degree in marketing, you can work for a non-profit, with a radio or television program or in sports (just to name a few). So long as you have proof of marketing knowledge, you’re seen as an advantage to many different markets.

A college degree may make it easier for you to get promoted. Say that you have something like a Pharm D degree and you apply for an entry-level job with a local pharmacy. By having that degree and then doing a good job, in just a matter of months, you could end up getting promoted. People with degrees tend to be seen as likely candidates for on-the-job growth more than those without.

A college degree can help you not to settle. There are many people who work jobs that they absolutely hate simply because they feel like they have no other options due to the fact that they have a limited education. This is not the case with a college degree. If you are working one job and for whatever the reason, you’re not satisfied, it is a lot easier to find another position with a different company with a college degree in tow.

So, if you’re looking for something to provide you with the skills, training and confidence that you need in the workforce, as you can see, a college degree can provide you with all three. And yes, that’s truly invaluable.


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