What File Hosting Service Works For Your Company?

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Most of us already know about the main advantages and disadvantages of using file hosting services. The main reason why the average user transfers files is that they cannot email larger files. They would thus resort to the online transfer options, which go up in allowed file size to a few gigabytes. Such a service is obviously very useful for the companies too since they can save a lot of money that would go on private hosting solutions, usually through cloud technology use.

What File Hosting Service Works For Your Company?

While it is obvious that entire companies can use such file hosting services, it is important that we understand one thing: the files that are shared are considered intellectual properties in most cases and it is very important to secure them.

As a very simple example, let us think about a regular file hosting service that makes files visible for every single internet user that uses Google. In this case, your company’s intellectual property is visible by anyone. Such a security threat can turn into a disaster if your competition gets a hold of some top secret documents that you share with a business partner.

As you can notice, choosing a suitable business file hosting service like ShareFile.com is always recommended because you want to work with companies that do know what companies need. Also, as a general rule of thumb, you should never consider the file hosting or sharing firms that are completely free. You need to look at those with paid plans due to the simple reason that they do offer more features, more service and, most importantly, more security.

The actual choice is, of course, subjective. You will need to think about the following factors when comparing different file hosting services:

  • Do you need to exchange files or just host them?
  • What is the file size of what you are about to use?
  • How sensitive is the information that is to be transferred?
  • Do you need daily, hourly or weekly data back-ups?
  • How much can you afford to pay on a monthly basis for the services offered?
  • Do you need just FTP connection or do you also need web based file sharing services?
  • Do you need an e-signature?
  • Do you need custom, industry based experience to be offered by the service provider?

Besides all the questions that we asked above, you need to also analyze your business plan and your policy on using company documents. The truth is that there are situations in which a file hosting service is not actually enough and you would need something more professional like private cloud hosting or even an entire dedicated server.

We cannot tell you exactly what service you need to use. However, based on the facts that we mentioned, it should be a lot easier to make a choice at the end of the day. Let us know how your experience was and how you managed to solve file sharing problems that you encountered. We can all learn through the experience of others.


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