Web Design Tips and Advice

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Web design is very important and can in many cases determine whether or not a person will buy something from a particular site. An individual who hopes to make money online should realise that the web page design is just as important as a storefront, as it gives a person either a good or bad first impression of the site and its products and/or services.

There are a number of free web templates available but many online retailers opt to have a web page professionally designed, an example is Magento web design by Yoma. This costs a fair bit of money but can be well worth the extra expense. Many free templates have been used by tens of thousands of websites and a person will want to make sure his or her website stands out as unique.

Choosing the right colours, headers and footers for the site is also important. Most online retail site should use light colours that are easy on the eyes. Black on white is best for websites with lots of text. Colourful web pages are great for websites selling children’s clothing and toys but are generally not a good option for most online retail sites and affiliate marketing sites.

Another important aspect of web design is choosing the right widgets. Animations should be avoided, as they take extra time to load, are distracting and do not look professional. Photos used on the site should be clear and match well with the site template. Important features that help a person navigate the site properly should always be included but a person will want to avoid unnecessary features that just take up space.

A website must be properly designed or it will not attract repeat visitors. In some cases, choosing a well made free template is sufficient. In other instances, a person may want to hire a professional web design company to create a new, unique template for the site. However, what matters most is that the site is professional in appearance and attractive to potential customers. The site should also load without undue delay and have all the widgets needed to properly navigate and/or shop on the site.


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