The Sous Vide Cooking Goes Mainstream

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The boil-in-bag technology has taken an entire new meaning after integration with Eades Appliance Technology’s (EAT) – SousVide Supreme Demi. Trough application of technology that was initially reserved for up market and laboratories restaurants, SousVide Supreme Demi intends to deliver solution to the home chefs that would assist them in preparation of well cooked dishes using laboratory precision in an affordable, compact, countertop `water oven’ that comes with easy operation process just like a slow cooker and only uses power of similar mount to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Sous Vide cooking technology employs molecular gastronomy that is mainly attributed with up market restaurants that boasts of drinks prepared using lasers, three years waiting lists and where you would find yourself tucking cranberry caviar and snail porridge.

The molecular gastronomy resembles the kind of food science applied in industries. It follows the lab approach in cooking through trying to find out the manner in which food is cooked from the perspective of physics and chemistry. When armed with this knowledge, the molecular gastronomists can turn around and create new dishes that optimize on the science of taste like bruschetta with strawberries as opposed to tomatoes and cooking techniques like cocktails made using liquid nitrogen.

Beyond boil-in-a-bag
The Sous vide (`under vacuum’ in French) is named from the manner in which the diets are made using a plastic bag that has all the air eliminated. The bag in then placed in hot water at specific temperature and then left to cook.

The sous vide operates on the principle that the rate at which the food cooks does not depend on how hot the frying pan, oven, etc becomes or even the duration the food cooks. The determining factor is mainly how hot the food becomes. Different chemicals found in different diets react differently only after reaching a certain temperature meaning that foods that have attained different temperatures normally cook differently.

The cooking unit comes with a thermometer that helps in determining the temperature of the diets you are preparing. You will need to know the appropriate temperatures for cooking specific foods in order for you to be able to prepare delicious diets. For instance, there is temperature where steak starts turning into gelatin thereby making it soft and tender. Nonetheless, when the temperature exceeds certain level proteins starts denaturing, water is forced out of meat and molecules starts coiling. This makes the end product to be tough and dry steak. The ability of this machine to control temperature of the food effectively makes it possible to attain unique foods.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the food you are preparing to your liking. It’s designed just the water bath that is designed just like the lab immersion circulator. The only difference comes in the fact that the unit is smaller size an also cheaper. There are some units going for about US$900 compared to their lab cousins that go for about US$1,600. The cleaning and maintenance of these units is also less hectic than that of their laboratory cousins.

The Sous Vide Supreme from EAT has been in the market for quite some time. The unit is meant for home use and has gone a long way into bringing sous vide into the domestic kitchens. Nonetheless, the US$429 and its size make it more suitable for the well off homes.

The Sous Vide supreme Demi is designed with simple concepts just like its predecessor Sous Vide Supreme. You ca easily mistake it with the kind of machines that you regret soon afterwards why you purchased them. Nonetheless the unit features unique technology which is not controlled by the thermostats that keep switching the unit on and off. The cooking continues throughout but the machine regulates its temperature effectively such that the food will not overcook even if it is left in the device for several hours.

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