The Scope Of Customer Management Software

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The Scope Of Customer Management SoftwareClients are important for any company. However, organizations underestimate the need to manage clients at every step of the way. Some organizations do not pay attention to the incoming leads about new clients and focus more on existing ones, other organizations focus more on new customers and less on existing customers. This is a disaster waiting to happen either way. What compounds to this disaster is that many companies customize their CRM systems to focus on just one aspect and not the other.
This ensures that not only do they end up damaging their reputation with a client or a potential client, but they also end up with customer Management software that is not working to meet their company’s goals. Today, let us see how customer management software can be used in the servicing and sales aspect.

Lead Management

Let us start with the lead management process. We will use an example to show how CRM systems can help us. Let us say a bank launches a new investment product. Using their customer management software, they ensure that their programs are keyword optimized and all their marketing programs are working at full capacity to promote this product.
However, if the customer management (in Spanish gestion de clientes) software is not trained to rank the incoming leads, the bank will miss the fact that the CEO of a big company is looking for such investment options. By the time they sort through the leads and call the CEO, he or she may have already invested their money elsewhere.
If, on the other hand, the customer management system were allowed to rank all incoming leads, the CEO would have been among the first people contacted.


Now let us look at the servicing aspect for the same bank. Now that the bank has contacted the CEO and he or she has invested with the bank, again the bank misses a trick by not making a module to check on the spending patterns of the CEO and thus misses the fact that he or she is a frequent user of a particular airline. Also, many of the card holders of the bank use this airline frequently.
crm-for-sales-managersBy using their customer management system, the bank will be able to have a strategic tie-up with the airline and can then approach the CEO and offer them a cobranded credit card that will allow them to save money on the flight cost and earn travel miles at the same time. This will also delight the other cardholders of the bank and their spending patterns will increase.

Customer Data

However, the biggest benefit of customer management software is the information about the customer. If the bank knows that one of their customers is going to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary next week, they can delight him by sending him gifts and wishes on the day of the event. Such actions only increase the value added to the relationship between the client and the bank.
Hence, it is very apparent that customer management software is a very important tool today. Are you making full use of this amazing technology?


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