The Effects of Using the New Forms of Technology

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New gadgets are all around us. Every single day, a company somewhere in the world announces a new invention. These inventions have completely changed the manner in which the world now operates. They have done a lot in bringing people closer together than ever before. With just a single click of the button, a person the Middle East can learn of events that are taking place in the American continents.

In fact, life has become so easy that few people even recall how life was before some of the devices were developed. If a survey was to be conducted, no one would want to make a return to the ‘dark days’ when there was no electricity, no vehicles, airplanes, washing machines, the television, personal computers, video games, cameras, ovens, microwaves and indeed, the mobile phone.
Since then, a lot other inventions have been done, resulting in the creation of items like smart phones, iPods, iPads and iPhones, pedometers, camcorders and DVD players. With these inventions, innovators such as an iPhone app developer can show us possibilities that were nonexistent seemingly yesterday. More and more of these machines are being produces as companies struggle to be at the front of the pack, way ahead of competition, much to the happiness of gadget freaks.

However, we have to understand that while these gadgets have changed the world for the better, they have also brought along some disadvantages to their users. The big question is have we unsuspectingly been slowly trading off our health and wellbeing and futures with our interest in these devices?

A research conducted by the University of Carnegie Mellon established that people who spend one hour every week browsing the internet made people more depressed, lost close to three friends and became lonelier that before.

Most gadgets that are powered by battery and electronic power sources have been found to produce electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).
As researchers found out the radiations that are caused by electromagnetic fields can disrupt the energy fields that are naturally in the human body. These radiations are similar to X-rays and cannot be weakened or blocked. They cut across the body, thereby upsetting normal functions of the cells as well as other biological processes. Electronic Radiations have been known to bring about incidences of exhaustion, headaches and disorders of the immune system when the body becomes too exposed. Scientists have noted that gadgets like digital alarms that are placed by the bedside each night as well as electronic shavers and hair dryers are the most dangerous considering that they are placed very close to the head when they are being used.

Billions of people use electricity in their homes and the workplace, with some being exposed to it for over 18 hours daily. Now, the WHO has established that electro-pollution –caused by electric current can be linked to the rise being experienced in birth defects, cancer, syndrome of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, infant immortality and learning disabilities.

Another study conducted recently by a scientist in Finland found that people who had used mobile phones for over a decade had a 40% increased risk of having a brain tumor. He said the tumor would also most likely affect the right side of the brain because that is where the phone is mostly held when it is being used. Additionally, Swedish researchers found that extended mobile phone use also destroys brain cells.

Other effects are safety hazards like minor electricity leaks from phones that could cause minor burns and shocks, Appliances that are faulty have in the past also caused huge fires leading to lots of losses.

Conveniences that have been caused by new technology like play stations and televisions have denied many people the opportunity to go out and work out, putting them at risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, infertility and numerous heart ailments. These are some of the issues that have to be dealt with do that man does not kill himself as he tries to make his life better.

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