The Best Ultrabook Accessories

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Thin, lightweight and sleek: the best ultrabook (like those by Lenovo, Samsung, or Acer) are specifically designed to be mobile, easy and quick to use. With speedy start-up times from hibernation mode, and long battery lives, these are every itinerant tech-lovers dream. So, naturally, you won’t want to have to buy a whole load of add-ons to compensate for what ultrabooks don’t provide. But for those of us who can’t do without external storage devices and protective casing, here are some of the best deals.


1.    Sleeve

The Targus Pulse Sleeve is a cushion-like covering and one of best tablet/laptop cases available. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate machines of varying dimensions. The padding is light and won’t add much weight to your baggage, and flexible too. If you wanted to squeeze some extra things inside, there would be enough room without pressurising the zip. The sleeves come in a range of colours and their sleek design won’t look out of place in a meeting. At around £15 they’re a bargain.


2.    DVD drive

The one feature ultrabooks often lack is an integrated DVD drive. Many of us like to pop a film on during long journeys, and a couple of gadgets still require CD software downloads. So an external drive is a necessity for this list. Most connect via USB. The Samsung SE-208AB is slim and lightweight, and works quickly with minimal fuss. It’s a great buy and available relatively cheaply online.


3.    Hard drive

External storage can end up being pricey, not to mention heavy and accompanied by too many wires. For something small and portable but with plenty of capacity, have a look at the Western Digital range. The My Passport is certainly one of the best external hard drives out there. Reconditioned prices for these on Amazon aren’t too high, and with 1TB of storage, it would be well worth your spend.


4.    Wireless mouse

If your trackpad isn’t handy enough, a wireless mouse can be useful. The Logitech range is plentiful, with all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes. Lightweight and durable, they will survive long journeys and can be used on pretty much every surface.


5.    Stylus

For touch-screen devices and tablet-ultrabook combos, using a Targus Ultralifepen is one of the best ways to protect your screen. It is available with a magnetic attachment, so can be carried around attached directly to your ultrabook, and its bronze-based body feels slim and sleek to use. The tip is made of rubber, and will work well on most machines. At under £20 they are a great buy.



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