The Backup Plan: What To Do If Your Domain Name Is Already Taken

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It’s taken a while, but your great business idea is finally taking shape in the form of an actual company. You’re ready to begin crafting your website and a domain name is the first step. Yet what would normally be a simple process suddenly becomes more difficult when you discover your perfect domain name has already been taken by another business.

Although disappointing, this isn’t an uncommon snag when developing a website. Despite meticulous research on the available URLs, we’ve all been prevented from getting the lock on a specific domain name. The good news is that coming up with a backup plan isn’t that difficult when you’ve got the right approach. Here we’ll discuss a path to take and how to ensure you get the most out of your domain name, even if it isn’t your first choice.

The Backup Plan: What To Do If Your Domain Name Is Already Taken

Three Steps to a Successful Domain Name

After learning that your ideal domain name isn’t available, it doesn’t mean you can’t create one that’s effective and memorable, or possibly better than your original idea. The process will require some effort, and you’ll need to follow some guidelines, but the following three steps will help you leap over the domain name hurdle:

  • Picking your New Domain Name: 


This is actually a complex and often misunderstood process. Sure, you can sign up for any domain name in about five minutes, but is it a good move for your brand? Does it make sense from a marketing perspective? And will it drive more traffic to your site? If at all possible, find a way to incorporate branding information into your domain name. If you’re a local business, you should consider incorporating a nod to your geographic location for local SEO purposes. The bottom line is that site visitors should get a sense of your brand’s identity from the domain name. It should be just as unique and meaningful as your business itself.

  • Getting it Registered: 


After you’ve chosen that perfect domain name with all those magical branding properties, it’s time to register it with a domain provider. A large number of domain providers will provide great service, but the big thing to remember is to register the domain name under your personal name. This will ensure you retain ownership of the site as your business changes and grows.

  • Managing your Domain Name: 


From here, it’s crucial that you manage your domain name correctly. A major factor is protecting your own privacy, which is where a privately registered domain name comes in handy. It protects you and members of your organization from identity theft, and it also helps you maintain control of your website’s ownership.

Why Domains are Important to Your Company

Much like a logo design or your website’s layout and navigation, your domain name choice is more than just a URL. It’s a branding decision. With the millions of businesses out there, a well-chosen domain name will make you stand out from the crowd. As your business grows and becomes more popular, your domain name will take on a personality of its own. When you think of Amazon, there’s no confusion as to what they do. You immediately think of their wide range of eCommerce solutions, their widely popular cloud computing platform their eReader tools, or even their books. In the digital age, your domain name is synonymous with your brand and creating the right one can give you an edge over your competitors.


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