Taking Up An IT Job In South Africa

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South Africa is taking great strides in constant innovation in the IT sector, a few South African companies are trailblazing the international market of pre-paid systems, revenue management, fraud prevention systems and manufactured set-top boxes which are being exported across the world. In addition to this, several of the world’s top IT leaders operate subsidiaries from South Africa including IBM, Unisys, Microsoft, Intel, Systems Application Protocol (SAP), Dell, Novell and Compaq.

Taking Up An IT Job In South Africa

This means that IT jobs are fast becoming available across industries in South Africa because every company needs an IT professional to streamline in house IT Systems. Disruption is also becoming a serious trend in South Africa with incubators like Innovation Hub to further develop the positive impact of disruptive technologies and innovation.

Here are 5 IT positions and their average salary in South Africa, if you’re entering the IT field, this could be useful information.

    • Support Technician: Information Technology

A Support Technician in Information Technology can expect to earn aroundZAR111224 per annum; the level of experience a professional has influences income for this profession. People in this job move on to other jobs within 10 years and Microsoft Exchange is considered one of the highest paying companies for this position.

    • Information Technology Specialist

An Information Technology Specialist can earn around ZAR 239 587 per annum and people move onto other jobs after gain 20 years of experience in this field, as experience determines how much the person earns.

    • Desktop Support Engineer

Desktop Support Engineers and earn an average salary of ZAR148 061 per annum and most people in this career move on to different positions after 10 years in this particular career. The key skills associated with higher pay are Help Desk / Desktop Support (Tier 2) and Network Support.

    • Technical Support Consultant

A Technical Support Consultant can expect to earn an average salary of ZAR138 838 and people in this position have less than 10 years of experience.

    • Project Manager: Information Technology

A Project Manager earns an average salary of R409,569 per year and professionals in this particular positions have less than 20 years of experience.

    • Information Technology Director

An IT Director earns the average salary of ZAR727, 342 per annum; an essential skill in this position is Budget Management as it increases the salary and effectiveness in the position.


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