Shocking But Risky Landing Page Pitfalls You Should Avoid

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The landing page mistakes discussed in article are not obvious that are discussed on the web several times. In fact, they are dangerous mistakes that cost you loss of leads and revenue. So, have a look on them as well as the solutions to sort them out.

Mistake # 1 – Irrelevant Headline

A visitor lands into the page with the purpose to see the relevant content, not a confusing or “disconnected” stuff. If your headline doesn’t continue the conversation on the same topic that was started on PPC ad, it’s like hitting your own foot.

For example, you are running the business of electronics and you are launching a landing page of “Bluetooth Headsets”. And your PPC ad should have the title like this – “Searching for Noise-Cancellation Headsets?”

Shocking But Risky Landing Page Pitfalls You Should Avoid

Mistake # 2 – No Content Strategy

Since different visitors have different behaviors to respond, you can miss a remarkable chance to attract other kinds of visitors if you target only one kind of visitor on your landing page. Have a look at factors affecting the nature of visitor –

a.      How frequent they have visited your page?

b.      For what purpose they have visited before?

c.       What and how much they know about your business, landing page and you? Do they “Like” you on Facebook or “Follow” you on Twitter?

d.     How “warm” are they to “talk to someone” or “buy now”.

This way, you can break all of them down into three stages.

1.      Explain various benefits about a particular product on your landing page.

2.      Show them some ‘success stories’ of the customers with your product or service on this page.

3.      Give a straightforward, clear Call to Action to the visitor. Rather than just saying “Talk to Our Expert Now”, let them talk to relevant persons. For instance, if you are promoting “Product A” on your landing page, then say “Talk to Product A expert to know more about its features”.

Mistake # 3 – Giving no Benefit to First Time Visitors

As a landing page generator, you may know that about 70 to 80 percent of traffic comes from your first time visitors. If you don’t provide any type of benefit to the first time visitors, then it may hurt your conversion rate. Here’s how you can cheer your first time visitors.

Shocking But Risky Landing Page Pitfalls You Should Avoid

For Lead Generators

The first and foremost mistake you may do is avoiding the incentive for your First Time Visitors. Why they should be with you today? Give them a reason. Rather than saying just “Contact Now”, tell them “Speak to Our Representative Today for Free. No Obligation, No Risk!”

For E-Commerce

In that case, you can offer discount code or coupon code. For instance, offer 10% off on the product you are promoting in your landing page.

Mistake # 4 – Not Testing the Landing Page

If you stop testing, your ad campaign will not improve. As a marketer, you should do proper testing of your landing page because it can have a terrific effect on the performance of a campaign.

Mistake # 5 – Not Having “Thank You” Page

You can easily avoid this mistake. After converting the visitor into a customer, you should tell them what they should expect ahead. For instance, a confirmation email within 24 hours, call from an executive within one hour, shipping of product within 3 days and etc.  As a landing page generator, you should also consider this step.

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