Reasons Rummy Tops the List of Favourite Card Games in India

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Most people in India enjoy playing cards and when it comes to popular card games in India, rummy tops the list. The popularity of this game in India may quite astound you. If you are still wondering why the game is so popular in our nation, here are some obvious reasons we have jotted out:

The Flexibility in Number of Players

Rummy is among the few card games that has flexibility when it comes to the number of players. Most card games restrict the number of players to four or six. In rummy card game, you can have anywhere between 2 to 6 players for a round of rummy. You will simply have to alter the number of decks used based on the number of players playing the game. This higher level of flexibility in the number of players makes it possible to play this game with friends and loved ones on many different occasions. This is an obvious reason for the game’s popularity.

Open to People of All Ages

Complicated card games with rules that are difficult to understand and comprehend are not well liked by all. The ultimate rummy game is different. It suits people of all ages and stages of life. The main goal of this game is to create melds and sequences as per the rules of the game. This means anyone with basic organising skills can play the game well. That is why you can play this game with children as well as grandparents in the family.

Rules that are Easy to Grasp

If you read how to play rummy, you will know that the game is easy to understand and comprehend. The basic rules of the 13 cards rummy game is as listed below:

  • Life is formed by 2 sequences of which one is real and one is natural
  • You cannot use jokers in a natural sequence
  • Sequences can be made using face cards as well as number cards
  • There are two types of jokers, one is the actual joker in the deck and the other is the pulled-out joker
  • The cards disposed by the players after pulling a replacement from the deck are together termed as a disposed pile
  • You are allowed to quit the came as soon as you are given the cards or in the middle of the game but the points charged in each case will be different
  • The first one to make two sequences and two melds is the winner of the game

Everyone has some Unique Rummy Memory

Another thing that makes this particular game popular is that everyone can identify with it. If you play the game with your grandparents, they will tell you some tales about how they played the game in their times. These stories shared by each individual as a result of personal experience turn out to be interesting. This enhances the bonding between the players.

Rummy Parties are Ideal for Get-Togethers

India is a nation that greatly enjoys functions and get-togethers. They love it when four people join under one roof to celebrate and have fun time with dear ones. Rummy parties are ideal to go with all such get-togethers. If you just have the sufficient decks of cards, you can organise a rummy party in a jiffy. Since the game is also flexible in the number of players playing, it will be easy to organise the members present and enjoy a fun time together.

Rummy is an awesome game and with so many variations like 13 cards rummy, 10 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy, deals rummy, pools rummy and gin rummy, the game has many things for each to learn. This is what makes this game a hot favourite in India. Enjoy and play rummy online before you head to such get-togethers with the Khelplay Rummy app.


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