Newsletter Ideas: Using Images To Convey Feeling

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It is a very common approach when sending newsletters to fill them with text, more often than not when you’re sending out a newsletter there is a particular message that you are trying to get across to your subscribers and text normally seems the most effective way of doing this.

Four example there may be a new product that you are launching that you want to let your subscribers know about, the obvious approach is to describe the details of this new product and to directly inform your customers that the product is now available for purchase. Of course this may be accompanied by an image of the product but still the main focus is the text.

Sometimes this can be very effective but images can also be just as effective and in fact sometimes more so. As the saying goes a picture tells 1000 words and this is just as true with email newsletters as it is with anything else.

Newsletter Ideas Using Images To Convey Feeling

If you take a look on the fresh mail newsletter ideas Gallery, you will see that many of the newsletter templates contain rich images, these images could be substituted with images relevant to your company, to your product or they could be generic images that inspire a particular emotion.

When sourcing these images you can think outside of the box, the image doesn’t necessarily need to be directly related to the product or service that you are telling your subscriber about but rather the image could be chosen to evoke a particular feeling, or emotion in your subscribers.

Using images in this way has several benefits, firstly it looks visually appealing, secondly it often tells far more than text and thirdly an image makes for much easier viewing than a paragraph of text does.

Simply browsing through the newsletter templates in the gallery will give you inspiration on how to lay out your own newsletter in order to inspire interaction from your readers.

A great example of this would be the effective use of colour in your newsletter templates. Colour can be a great tool to inspire emotion from your readers and it is a subtle way of influencing your readers to perform certain actions.

Depending on the types of colours that you use in your email you can put your readers in a certain place and make them more likely to click on your links, go through to your website and hopefully convert.


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