Latest Technologies to Boost Your Web Development Services

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The internet has brought about a revolutionary change in the lives of people. It has become a necessity in every person’s life. Moreover internet has become the lifeline of modern trade and commerce where the global market assumes the shape of the local market. All major business activities are carried out through the internet and the failure of the internet for a single day would mean a loss of millions and billions of dollars. This immense importance has put up information technology to such a height that the pace of development in this sector is immeasurable and incomparable with any other field.


Web development services

Web developers to catch up with the pace of technological development in all fields, have made various inventions with the past few years and are continuing to do so even through the present times. In 2013 a lot of web development services have happened. The creativity of the web developers has helped many new technologies to evolve. More and more advanced web development technologies are still emerging. It is commonly said, ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and the increasing demand for newer web designs is inducing web developers to develop innovative and unique solution for their clients, since a website without unique design is incapable of magnetizing more visitors. Some of the latest web development services that have emerged by 2013 are discussed below.

Superiority of HTML5

One of the most advanced web development tools is Flash. No doubt Flash comes with a lot of features that make it a revolutionary tool in the web development industry. However, it has many flaws and hence not preferred by web developers over HTML5. HTML5 does the same job that Flash does but in a smarter and more efficient way. Flash in the first place is difficult to implement which is not so with HTML5. Secondly, any Flash object on a website load slower whereas similar object developed with HTML5 takes lesser time. Hence, HTML5 becomes more user-friendly and does not make it anti search engines. Generally, websites with greater loading time are not much liked by search engines. As a result of this, HTML5 objects are more mobile device friendly i.e. for Smartphones and tablets. Thus, the advantages of using HTML5 over Flash can be summed up as follows:

  • Faster loading of objects
  • Easier implementation by developers
  • More user-friendly
  • Sites not penalized by search engines
  • Works well with mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets, etc.

CSS3 the integrated version

CSS that stands for Cascading Style Sheet helps in properly forming a web page. The newer version of CSS i.e. CSS3 is free from the disabilities that the older version suffered from. This version of CSS comes with various exciting features including border radius, round shape near corners and proper layout having multiple columns, imperiousness and box shadows. Another exciting feature used in web designing that has become a largely followed trend is the use of transparency property. The opacity of any part of the website can be controlled thus making the transparency option easily available to web developers using CSS3.

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