Sales Automation – the Key to Increased Sales

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sales automation software
Sales automation is an integral part of every result-oriented company. Every year, businesses spend over a trillion dollars in order to increase the productivity of sales teams. Given the amount of tasks that every sales representative has to tackle on a daily basis, the deployment of sales force automation is vital. Your sales team needs to balance countless responsibilities without losing the quality of customer service. Advanced automation software provides total control of an entire sales process and enables your sales department to make the most of their pipelines. Let’s take a closer look at the key advantages of sales automation systems.

Sales automation improves time-management

In order to keep the focus on the most profitable customers, your sales reps need to get rid of the most laborious and time consuming processes. Studies suggest that 71% of sales professionals waste too much time on data entry. Moreover, only 33% of sales representative’s time is spent actively on selling. Sales force automation offers a way out of this seemingly dead-end situation and manages the most time-consuming, yet important tasks. SFA systems automate scheduling sales meetings, sending follow-ups and updating opportunities. Sales force automation enables instant access to order information and promptly generates estimates of future deals. In addition, contracting, orders, invoicing and all document management issues are taken care of by efficient automation solutions.

Your sales reps are mobile

Being mobile is one of the most valuable qualities your sales professionals can possess. Often, your sales reps have to spend a lot of their time in the field attending meetings and negotiating with potential buyers. If you want them to deliver exceptional customer service, you need to equip them with mobile CRM. Without being tied up to their PCs and laptops, they will be more productive as they can keep their finger on the progress of their sales process with advanced analytics or pull up any relevant presentation. Top-notch mobile CRM apps can be operated in both online and offline modes. That way, any valuable data will be at your fingertips at all time as the data is instantly synchronized.

Increase effectiveness with the best out-of-the-box processes

Recent studies reveal that, unfortunately, you will lose 14% of your customers each year. In order to minimize that figure, your sales reps can take advantage of the industry’s best practices to improve their performance. Powerful sales automation solutions are capable of automating key business processes – the system can detect the missing steps in the sales process and advise the best next steps to move the prospect to the next stage of the pipeline. Consequently, you will be able to process larger volumes of customers while deliver the same high level of customer service since automated and enforced sales processes generate an 88% quota attainment. Your salespeople can meet and beat their quota even faster by simply following the guidelines for each step of the process.

Accurate analytics improves sales performance

Reporting and analytics are the top sales IT priorities for 67% of sales representatives. Sales automation provides your sales professionals with a comprehensive analytic on each opportunity. You get access to various data such as number and quality of the new leads, conversion rate, evaluate the progress of all sales activities, pinpoint the weak spots of your sales process and evaluate the performance of each individual sales rep. Unfortunately, less than half (42%) are satisfied with their sales analytics processes. That is why it is crucially important for the automation software you choose to be intuitive and user-friendly. That way, your sales reps will be able to use their system to its maximum. Advanced analytics enables your sales managers to see the bigger picture of the sales process and plan their sales efforts accordingly. It is worth noting that usability is the top consideration for investment in 44% of sales organizations.


Sales automation software promotes collaboration

Collaboration is especially important for every sales department. Unfortunately, the lack of communication and ineffective time-management are one of the main reasons that drag companies down. The studies confirm that half of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting while businesses that synced the workflow of their core teams experience 38% higher sales win rates. If you want to turn a group of individual sales representatives into a goal-oriented team, you should definitely consider deploying bpm’online. For instance, bpm’online has developed enterprise social network (ESN) and a unique knowledge base that enables your salespeople to actively participate and engage in every aspect of the sales process. Essentially, ESN is your own social network where reps receive important notifications in the newsfeed, they can like and share the best sales practices and discuss current opportunities. Knowledge base is an online library with various presentations and scripts with defined guidelines that help salespeople easily find relevant articles and the most useful answers.

Excellent sales force automation enables absolute control over the complete customer journey. That control is maintained through a number of crucial automation tools. Choosing a sales automation solution that is capable of automating every business process in your company helps sales professionals deliver personalized experiences and sell more efficiently and effectively.


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