How You Can Climb SoloQ 2016 In League Of Legends Without Losing Your Points

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If you are done with the initial struggles in League of Legends universe, start preparing to climb the SoloQ. Before you take any action, let’s understand a few important points that will help you forge ahead without any hassle. Here are they-

How You Can Climb SoloQ 2016 in LeagueOof Legends Without Losing Your Points

SoloQ Isn’t Any Level:

Unless you are an experienced League of Legends player and still getting familiar with this gaming universe, SoloQ may create some troubles for you. However, you don’t need to worry about it at all. SoloQ or Solo Queue is but the term used to define the ranking system in League of Legends. The ranking system is divided into seven different tiers varying from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum to Diamond, Master and Challenger. Let’s not forget that bronze is the basic tier while the challenger is the higher tier one can achieve in League of Legends.

Now that you have understood what’s SoloQ, you should focus on the best way to climb it without any trouble. Here is how you can forge ahead-

Target the Objectives:

If you have spent some time playing League of Legend, you may already know the importance of getting rid of objectives along with kills. However, if you are new and have a limited knowledge, this is something you should pay full attention to. There are different objectives in League of Legends, such as neutral monsters, turrets, Inhibitors and Nexus. They are as important for you as anything else. Before you try to go for killing, ensure that you get rid of these objectives side by side. Without clearing them, you can’t advance to the next level.

Team Up With Your Jungler: 

Unless you wipe off your enemies, you can’t win. And to do so, you will need the help of the jungler. Pay close heed in all parts of top and bot lane and collaborate with the jungler to force your enemy to back off. Besides, you can also target enemies’ tower to reduce their power.

Don’t Stop Communicating:

If you find anything abnormal, share it with your team members. Team communication is very important. Sometimes missing out team communication may cost you the victory. Pay attention.

These are some of the major points you need to keep in mind before knowing how to climb soloq 2016.


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